Club Paradise

I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend


The night is gloomy and cold. Streets were empty with only occasional stray cats and abandoned warehouses lining up on the side. Kai led the pack as they cruised further down a dirt road. It was dark with only their headlights guiding there path. He was on the edge of his sit looking from side to side when he noticed a flickering neon lighted sign on an old establishment from a distance. “Club Paradise…” he read. “That’s it!”

Kai parked behind a black SUV and jumped out. He was greeted by a group of at least ten armed men in suits. “Doryeonnim, we work for your father and we were sent here to assist you!” says the leader and they all bowed while the rest of EXO caught up with him.

“So… What’s the situation in there?” Kai nodded towards the club.

“They are just waiting for us to make the move.”

“What about Sunmi and her brother? Do you know where they kept them?” Kris asked with furrowed eyebrows.

“They’re in the basement with Kenji and some guards.”

Kris rubbed his chin with a wolfish look and gathered EXO. He decided to have Luhan, Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Suho remain outside with five other men. “Don’t let anyone get in! Araseo? Shoot them right away if you have to!” and they all nodded.

He then faced Tao and patted his shoulder. “Didi! You know what to do!”

“Yeah! Just like old times!” Tao showed a shivering evil smile while gripping his staff almost as tall as him.

“Sehun! Kyungsoo! Jongin! Take down anyone who gets in your way, don’t hesitate! You got me?” Kris is now glowering at them.

“ yeah, I will!” Sehun hissed.

“Doryeonnim, we’ll move in first so we can cover you!” the leader blurted after approaching them and Kris nodded.

The boys pounded there fists with each other and trailed the advancing men. Kris clenched his tingling fists as he led them with Tao on his side. DO cracked his knuckles, Sehun tightened his gloves and Kai wiped his lower lip with his thumb. ‘I’m gonna rip your head off, Kenji!’ matched with a diabolic smirk.

The door flew after it was kicked and they all marched in. There were no tables or chairs and a fog of cigarette smoke coated the lights making it dim. “Blech! That’s nasty!” DO scrunched up his nose. Poles were mounted from the floor to the ceiling in random spots. Then as they move further, a line of fifteen fighters with bats stood in the middle. “I never knew Yakuza’s would arm themselves with bats!” Sehun remarked making DO snort.

Right after the enemy saw them, they immediately charged on them. “Kill them!” one of them yelled.

“Not ‘til we kill you first!” Kris sneered and nodded to his brother. Tao suddenly ran a few steps forward and jumped for an aerial twist. He landed in front of two goons and swung his staff to there necks with full force. As his opponents choked, Tao moved to another target while Kris swiftly took out his gun and bore a bullet to their foreheads.

“Damn hyung!” DO’s eyes followed the dropping bodies to the floor and slowly clapped his hands.

“Pay attention!” Kris hissed and he snapped back. “Ooops! Miahnae!” DO chuckled.

Tao twirled his staff in front of him while walking at a slow pace. As the enemy try to get a clear shot of him, he already delivers a disorienting strike to the face and Kris finishes them off.

Sehun and DO tagged team in a corner fighting two opponents in hand to hand combat. “Sehun-ah! It’s time to play dirty. These s are too big for us!” DO suggested and kicked one of them in the groin. The guy whimpered on his knees and took the bat when he dropped it. DO swung it so hard to his head that blood sprayed out of his mouth. “You ain’t so tough now, are you?” he kneeled behind the bleeding Yakuza and twisted his neck. DO stood and wiped the blood off his hands through the dead man’s shirt.

“Hyung! This one’s dead too.” Sehun pointed at a lying body after slitting his throat. “Where did you get the knife?”

“I snatched it from him!” Sehun bragged. “Oh, he’s dead alright! Good job, maknae!” DO ruffled his hair.

 Kai is on the opposite side of the room with the leader of his dad’s men. They were fighting three opponents and got their hands full. Kai was quick enough to dodge there strikes and managed to land solid jabs. “Doryeonnim, behind you!” but Kai was too late to react. An opponent grabbed him and his arms were too big for him to escape then a bat came swinging straight to his face.

He can hear bells ringing in his ears. His world moved in circles while his vision partially became blurry. Kai struggled to regain consciousness as his energy started to drain. He was gasping for air since his airway is constricted from the steroid-filled arms around his chest. His lungs were like ballons that could pop anytime soon.

“! JONGIN!!!” Sehun yelled and he immediately rushed to him shoving anyone along his path. He picked up a bat and struck the man who was aiming for another shot at Kai’s head. “Oh no you won’t!” he hissed and swung the bat to his knees. After he fell, Sehun delieverd a powerful strike to his head knocking him out instantly.  He then raised and pointed the bat towards Kai’s grappler. “Release him!” he threatened and pierced a dagger stare. “No! ing! Way!” he snarled.

Sehun suddenly saw Kris in his peripheral vision aiming a shot to his opponent. “If I were you, I’d release him!” he lowered his bat but the man refused to listen. Then a whizzing sound cut through the air near Kai’s ear and the bullet got lodged in the temple of his enemy. “I told you so!” Sehun smirked and caught Kai after the man dropped dead.

He supported him near a wall and made him lean against it. “Hey… Jonginnie… Dude…” he lightly taps his cheek.

Kai pulled a deep gasp and straightened up. “You’re okay now?” Sehun held his shoulders.

“Yeah... Thanks man!” he blew out an air.

“Anytime bro… Now let’s go get our girl!” and they ran towards Kris and Tao who are nearing the basement entrance while DO followed them who skipped over some dead bodies. “Serves you right! Tch!”

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Chapter 68: I'm so happy for them, after everything they deserve each other. All a of them! I just wish Sehun... *sigh*
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Chapter 40: Hahaha poor Luhan!
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Chapter 8: Kris vs Kai I can't choose!
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Chapter 3: Oh? Are they related to Sehun... It was probably him that was watching her at lunch.
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Chapter 2: I feel like I've read this before. Some part are familiar and some not... But I'll keep reading this anyway!