It happened again, Kris left Tao alone, and he got lost again. This time its worst than the airport incident.

Read this first, to understand the references to the other incident.


Based on that Disney fancam . Kris (and the whole group) left Tao while he was trying to look at merchandise.

That nice group of fans had to yell out that they forgot someone. And even then Tao couldn't catch up with the group.

It's also set a little bit after that incident, in the parking lot and the hotel.

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During the first half of the story, I wanted to throw something at Kris but then the ending happened and I just want to hug both of them lol.
Aigoo, poor Tao... Can't find his hyungs all the time ><
So sweet of Tao. He was actually getting something for Kris...
Hahaha awwww, Tao! Kris, honey, love you, but seriously, twice in the same trip? SERIOUSLY? I'm glad it's all okay now :3
This is my style of writing, I don't feel its wrong. but thank-you for the criticism. and damn spelling issues >,<
Lol so um I'm officially in love with this couple....
The only thing that's wrong with this story is that every time someone new is talking, it needs to be a separate paragraph. And you used you instead of you're.
But other than that this is adorable and funny and heartfelt and yeah, awesomeness.
I was kind of irrationally angry at Kris
Awwws but seriously when Tao got left I was like My god kris how can u just walk off like that?! Good thing those fan girls were like screaming for Tao.
Bliss_Destiny #8