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chapter 06                                                                                                                       O h   S e h u n


I don't need a man. I don't need a man. [What?]

I don't need a ma..



'yobosayo? Is anyone there?'


'Who is that?'

'umm, Annyoung Suzy shii. Taemin immida.' 

'Tae..Taemin oppa?' Did I just say 'oppa' ? Oh my god...What if he doesn't want me to call him that!?! Pabo Bae Sooji !!

'Dehh. Sorry for disturbing you but Sehun told me to call you and tell you that he will wait at the same place today so don't forget to go.'

'oh, Thank you Taemin shii.' 

'just call me oppa, suzy shii. I'm okay with it.'

'Really ? but if you want me to call you that...Can you just call me Sooji? I don't like it when someone call me Suzy shii except on shows'

'ok,Sooji. So you will go right?'

'I think so....oh wait! tell him to come after 8pm because i have a schedule at 4 and it will end at 8.'


'So that's it? anything else?'

'no...Thank you for picking up.'

'It's the way is this your real phone number?'

'of course it is! save it as 'my beloved oppa' Sooji ah...haha just kidding. I think I have to go...Call me later,ok?'

'oh...okay,oppa. Have a nice day!'

'Anyoung...Teed Teed Teed Teed' 


'My beloved oppa' ?? Haha such a cute oppa,huh? but why does Sehun have to make Taemin oppa to tell me? He can just text me and all... 



                  -  1 New message -

          Soosoo         -           Yah! What is that with Taemin oppa?

Sehun smirked and quickly replied.


         Hunhun        -             Taemin oppa? Just one phone call and you two got close, huh? So why are you complaining? I know you like him, don't you?


        Soosoo           -            I am of his big fans...YOU KNEW THAT!! 


        Hunhun          -            That's why I made him call you! and so ... at 8, right?


        Soosoo           -            Are you currently with him? NOW? and you made him call me but now you are texting me? What are you thinking?


        Hunhun           -          I've told him you like him problem :P


        Soosoo           -            WHAT. DID. YOU. DO? Oh my goshhhhh....I will kill you now!


        Hunhun          -            You can't kill me now, Pabo! So we meet at 8. Don't forget to wear a cap and glasses...I don't want to be on the newspaper with Miss Nation's First Love tomorrow, Okay?


         Soosoo         -            Wait till I see you ! Yes, 8... I won't forget :)) Can't wait to see you Hunhun ... I have an important thing to talk to you.


          Hunhun        -            See? you love me :) <3 See ya !!


          Soosoo         -            I <3 U    :)



        A little smile came on Sehun's face.

              Kai                        'Why are you so happy? Sooji again?'

             Sehun                   'Deh,Kai hyung. That Pabo sooji...'

             Taemin                 'You two seems really close...' Another voice cut in.

             Sehun                   'Yes,we are. Why? Are you jealous?, Taemin hyung? '

             Taemin                 'Who said that? I'm just curious. Can you tell me why?'

             Sehun                   ' Our parents are best friends so we play together since we are like...five.'

             Taemin                 'Just you two?'

             Sehun                    'no...Kai hyung too and Jinyoung. Do you know him? The JJ project?'

             Taemin                  'four of you? with the only girl, Suzy?'

             Sehun                    'Yep, but I'm not very close to Jinyoung....Suzy is.'

             Kai                           'I've talked to him yesterday... He said that he misses us.'

              Sehun                   'You talked to him? That's strange... I haven't seen you two talking for a year!'

              Taemin                   'Why?'

              Sehun                    'We aren't close to Jinyoung. Suzy is the only one who is close to him... I don't know why but we can't really communicate with each other. I don't know. Suzy is close to everyone, I can say. She is friendly and yeah maybe a bit too friendly. She will act as if she is comfortable with everyone so everyone thinks that they are close to her but the truth is she is not.'

               Taemin                  'That's interesting. Minho hyung said that Suzy is a very pretty girl with a pretty heart. It's hard for Minho hyung to say something like that...I really want to get to know her better!'

              Sehun                     'That's great! So after that we can hang out together. Like just us four!'

              Taemin                   'That would be great!'

              Sehun                     'What about today? Let's surprise her!'

              Taemin                    'Let's do that! Kai, do you wanna join too?'

               Kai                           '....I don't think she will be happy if I go. Sorry.'

              Taemin                    'I thought you are close to her.'

               Kai                           '...........................Used to.'



to be continue.....




This chapter is longer !!! <3 Hope you enjoy it :)

Tell me if you like it or not and who do you want to end up with Suzy?

Sehun is such a cutie xD Taemin is too but yeah I gave all my heart to Sehunnie >////<

Kai.....he is a very important role. Can you guess why he and Suzy broke up?





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