United Cube:)

Rumble in the CUBE


Gayoon was sleeping peacefully on dreamland then all of a sudden she felt a presence shaking her, it was Jihyun telling her to wake up or should I say yelling at her to wake up, But she still wants to sleep. Then Jihyun told her that they have a photo shoot for united cube today. She got up with question marks popping from her head while rubbing her eyes.

Gayoon: United Cube? huh? What?


Jihyun: its mine and Doojoon’s idea! hehe *giggles*

Gayoon:  What? I wanna sleep !! *grabs a pillow and jump back to bed*

Jihyun: lets gooooo! *pull Gayoon*

Jihyun pulls Gayoon off her bed forcely.Gayoon can't do nothing against her very in loved Unnie so she just got up and go with her unwillingly.



[At The Photo shoot venue]

                4Minute girls are playing around, having funny moments and bonding in their dressing room. They were getting ready for the photo shoot at same as B2st members.

They took a lot of Selca as a group and post them on the Cube page. 

Happy moments while waiting for work, A group and also a family.



After a few moments, the photographer  ask them to line up and arrange them according to what  he want.



Photographer: okay line up! Gikwang,to left followed by Gayoon then,Yoseob, Jiyoon,Doojoon , G.na,HyunA, Hyunsaeng,sohyun, junhyung, Jiyhun at last Dongwoon


Jihyun: what! Im not there? *points at G.na's place*


Doojoon: Its okay! It’s still our idea, and your so beautiful with that Dress Jihyun-shii  *smile*


Jihyun: *blush* yah , okay 


They line up in their assigned position. Then the “United Cube” photo shoot started.


While the photo shoot is on going Gikwang and Gayoon are sitting next to each other had little Conversation 


Gikwang: hey! is it only me or Jihyun like’s Doojoon?


Gayoon: haha, its not only you , that’s absolutely true xD


Gikwang: That’s why you don’t want Doojoon to court you? Co’z you don’t want Jihyun to get hurt ?


Gayoon: nope, I still don’t like Doojoon no matter what ! :P


Gikwang: I think they will make a good couple , don’t you think so?


Gayoon: yah! Jihyun is totally responsible and lovable  *nods*


Gikwang: well doojoon is romantic guy hehe 


Gayoon: they better date sometimes! So Doojoon will stop visiting me.


Gikwang: Hey ! I told you to be good to Doojoon-Hyung !

Photographer : Okay that’s a wrap. You can change you clothes now !

After changing her outfit Gayoon was waiting for the other 4Minute girls outside the dressing roomn Then she saw doojoon coming.

Doojoon: hi! *shy*


Gayoon: hello.


Doojoon: so wazzup?


Gayoon: I'm waiting for my groupmates ! ah,, you ?

Doojoon: ah,ah  I forgot to tell you that we will have a practice dance for the united cube song called “Fly so High”.



Gayoon: What? A dance? Are we gonna record it now? !


Doojoon: no no just practice *nervous*


Gayoon: that’s better! Hey why do you look so nervous? Relax I don’t bite haha !


Doojoon: ah yeah, your so cute when you smile : ) *shy*


Gayoon: should I always smile ? haha


Doojoon: sayyy, are you free tonight?
Gayoon: tonight?  Hmm let me see, hmm I think 6pm to 8pm is free, why ?


Doojoon: can I ask you to go out with me? Dinner? Just a friendly dinner, Gikwang told me that you don’t want the courting thing *smile*


Gayoon: Okay. it’s a yes : )
Doojoon: really ?!! YES!!

Doojoon feels that he was the luckiest guy in the world.



While Doojooon and Gayoon are talking to each other, Gikwang is watching them from a distance, he saw that they were both happy and smiling while talking to each other but there’s a part of him that’s sad and feels a little ache called jealousy. He know that he shouldn’t feel like that.


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