Prince Chanyeol Said He's Gay So We Said "I Do"


Park Hyun Jin [YOU] are a girl that lives in Korea, which is actually a modern limited monarchy. There is a royal family and the prince states that he is gay, he’s looking for a spouse and is searching the whole country to find the best looking gay male for his marriage. What happens when he comes across you and wants to marry you believing that you’re the handsomest – or more like prettiest- guy he’s ever seen, but the truth is you’re actually a girl. 


You, Park Hyun Jin, are an average person. You aren’t the girliest of girls and you don’t have the time to be. But, you certainly are female. You work many jobs and go to school on top of that.

You’re living in Korea which is a limited monarchy, much like England. Meanning, that it has a royal family. The prince of said royal family has started his search for someone to tie the knot with. However, he’s openly admitted that he is gay and is searching for a male candidate. He’s searching the whole country and said he will pick whoever is most handsome.

He comes across you one day and thinks you are a guy, he’s taken aback by how handsome – well more like pretty – you look. What happens when he decides that you are the one that will be his spouse? 

This is you. Your family isn’t the poorest around but you couldn’t exactly call yourself middle class. You juggle work, school, and taking care of the house since you’re mother is sick and can never. It’s a lot of expenses to pay for someone like you but you would do anything to pay them; you would do anything for your family. You are gorgeous, but are often mistaken for a boy because of you’re boy cut and not exactly curvy body. 


This is him, Park Chanyeol.The crown prince. He’s handsome and rich; the perfect guy. The guy every girl longs to have but can never get. Why? Because he’s gay. He’s searching for his prince to marry. 

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jnzxzyx #1
Chapter 7: Wah this was cute please one day come back to it :)
xXlivedreamerXx #2
Chapter 7: Is this story still going? Or is it just abandoned
The last time this was updated was like 2 years ago so im not sure
Either eay this story's really cute and ill wait to see if this is updated lol
istj #3
when are you gonna update?
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 7: Oh.. my.. ashjdmdnbfkdnsnj! I. Will. Die. Right. Now. Author-nim. This story is awesome!! Asdfghklakdjkndns!! Update soon, please! Love your story soooo much, sooooooo much! Adnhfjndknjd!! Omoooooo, Chanyeollieeeeeee, sooo cute... *O* =""""> Please, update soon! Please, please, pleaaaase! *pout*
chaykyeopta #5
Chapter 7: Hey authornim! its a beautiful story . Dont just leave it! Im not angry though . I just want to inform you that WE ARE ALL WAITING FOR YOUR UPDATES .. Hope you still have time to read comments or even open your AFF account coz were all like " asdfghjkllcwwyuofseahdj when will authornim update the story again!!" .. SO PLEASE .. PRETTY PUHLEASSEEEE :))) UPDATE ASAP
I got hooked! This is really interesting :-) When will you update again author-nim? It says that it was last August 2012 since you've updated this. I hope you didn't abandoned this one, it's really good!
Oh my god, I saw this story advertised in Fanfiction brought us together(kris story)! This is a really cool plot:) New reader here~
shawols4lyf #8
Chapter 7: Lol was all I can say xD update soon xD
Chapter 7: Wah..this story is interesting..looking forward for the next chapter..
Chapter 7: Wah..this story is intereating..looking forward for the next chapter..