~SHINee Facts~


I think its pretty obvious that this fanfic is all about shinee. So, shawols, listen up! I'm just gonna write facts about them. And I mean REAL facts. NOT FAN-MADE.

Credits for poster goes to:

kpoplovah4evah & MisyaDW

| | L A M P R O P H O N Y . P O S T E R . S H O P | |


Each chapter will have 10 facts (more if I have the mood). The facts in each chapter will be related to its chapter title.



~SHINee Facts II~


[~SHINee Facts~] Idk about you, but I find Onew pointing his middle finger to Jjong is hilarious XD

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elektriklily #1
Chapter 57: I'm a new fan so there was quite a bit of new things to find out. I was definitely entertained and happy while reading this. :D Looking forward to watching more of their interviews, variety etc. Thanks for writing!
Chapter 18: onew likes utada hikaru? so that's why i luv him!!!! yeah boyyyy!!!
Chapter 18: Chapter 18: UTADA HIKARU IS MY FAVORITE TOO!!!!!
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 21: How???????????
akiiii #5
Thank you for posting facts about them ♥♥♥
Chapter 27: What's an IT high school?

Onew plays with a Rubik Cube? I wonder if he and Luhan ever tried to match each other in a game.
Chapter 47: I wish they were this way still :(
Chapter 17: I hope 2min are still this close. <3
Robins124 #9
Chapter 18: This is so funny!!!!!!!
Code2mim #10
Chapter 28: Why does taemin want to be manily we love him just the way he is. Iam scared he might want act too manliy amd start smoking and want to dirnk and stuff that why I love taeminnie better then teaMan