A Love To Cherish


Characters: Kwon Yuri, U Know Yunho, Choi Siwon and Park Jiyeon


What if you come to a situation where the person you loved all your life leaves you but out the blue after 2 years he came back to you showing he’s in love with you, only to be surprised that he was involve in a car accident and the only memory he still remembers were the time he spent with you. You would risk everything and be with him or stop while it’s not too late. Knowing someone is hurting.

Love means understanding your mind and listening to your heart.

You always say you've move on when you haven't. Then during that period you met a guy who made smile after the longest time of being alone. Would you hut him for your first love you spend 9 years together.


“It’s Over.” Two words that came out of Yunho’s mouth. Yuri knew something was wrong. It has been two weeks and Yuri has been getting the feeling that He’s trying to say something to her. But every time he tries to speak he suddenly backs out and changes the topic.

Yuri shifted her gaze. Staring straight to the sea.

“Why?” she asked anyway. Trying so hard to hold back the tears that were forming in her eyes.

“It’s boring me. At first it was fun but in the end it made me lost interest.” When Yuri tried to sneak a peek at Yunho she saw how emotionless he’s eyes were.

They were at the balcony that time. There vacation house. It was the house he gave her for the 2nd year anniversary. There were 2 chairs and a table. If look straight front it has beautiful ocean view. They were under the sky full of stars. They stayed together despite their busy schedule. Their just like any other couple, they fight, they jealous but at the end of the day they don’t say sorry but they know they have peace in their hearts and they smile again. Yuri thought they are happy. I guess his not.

Yuri had mixed emotions. She was devastated, disappointed and angry at the same time. She had spent her whole life along side Yunho. They’ve known each other since Kindergarten. They were best of friends; their families were business partners. There weren’t a day they weren’t together and they reached to a certain age and time during their middle school days Yunho confessed his love and they were happy for the past nine years.

Tears started to fall slowly from Yuri’s eyes. She looked away. Even if she knew Yunho wasn’t watching she can’t show how pathetic she was. How she’s in pain right now. She has to show she’s strong.

“Goodbye” Yuri stood up heading to the guest room. On her way a hand stop her. Yunho pulled her to one last embrace.

“Goodbye Yuri” He kissed her forehead for the last time. “Thank you….for letting me go.”

And Yuri left. To start a new life. Alone.



Updating for the first chapter.

This is my first fan fiction so bear with me please. LOL :)

so which side are you on? Yulwon or Yunri.

sooo Fun.

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