If Whispers Could Kill


I always at these things.

Just read the story. *facedesk*



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This was amazing, I really loved it.
Chapter 3: That was... *dies*

* Tomb stone reads*
'Died because fluff induced heart attack'
Finally. Fic about my rare shipped OTP. I call this pair as HanRis but KrisHan is nice too.
I have been shipping this rare OTP since forever. not much people ship them together because they don't have many moments.
But I just like it that way. I do think that they care for each other very much in silence.
This is so well written. I love how the story stayed innocent until the very end because I myself is not fond of rated stories.
I love how Kris didn't give up on trying to make Luhan to talk again. Thank you for curing Luhan's fears, Kris.
Thank you for writing a story about the-not-really-well-shipped OTP of EXO. I would like to read more from you. Hwaiting! ^_^
urmommy #4
I shall go down with this ship.
i wanna cry too ;-; so good
you just made KrisHan my OTP okay
continue your beautiful work bby<3
HeavenlySeven #6
That was pretty touching :) I really like the way you describe how Kris cured Lu Han of his fear, whether it is fear of love, of men or people in general. And KrisHan is my OTP /sobs
Chanyeolized #7
this is so good!!! I likw how you kept so innocent~ i spotted a few mistakes but i ignored them cuz this is too awesome! And also lol at kris calling lulu pabo since they are chinese, bur how do u say pabo in mandarin anyway? Lol
I love the story *gives two thumbs up* DAEBAK
omg this is amazing !! >.< Well Done !
aww poor little luhan ! :( Great chapter ! update soonn !!!!