Forbidden Love


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Having some requests for a Forbidden Love story, here it is :D

It's not an ot7 fic though. Sorry if that was what you were expecting..


Anyway, characters:




Short Hair:


Long Hair:

Kyung Mi




Social Classes [feel free to refer this if you need to]:


Government, Big Brother - Highest Level of Power, No one has ever seen their faces and lived to talk about it.



Beta- Highest social class for females, tend to be rich and powerful, and not to mention snobby.

Zeta- Second highest, follow Beta girls around as lackeys, scheming with them but if caught Zeta would fall. Not the Betas.

Iota- Third highest, also known as the middle class, neither poor nor rich, but just as cocky as the Betas for not being the lowest.

Omega- Lowest, picked on often, poor, but has the strongest backbone and are taught self-defense at a young age.



Alpha- Highest social class for females, arrogant and cocky playboys.

Gamma- Second highest, tend to be the right hands of Alpha boys.

Delta- Third, middle class, interacts with Iota girls the most, and also have an air around the Kappas.

Kappa- Lowest, picked on often, tend to be the scrawny-looking children, but taught self-defense at young and secretly have strong bodies. They take the teasing and get between Betas and Omegas often, protecting their own.


Secret Class- Theta?



"You've heard the story, haven't you?"


"What story? What are you talking about?"


"That there's a super secret special class higher than all of us?"


"What class is that? Higher than the Alphas and Betas?"


"Yup, they're called Thetas. They are under the government in rank, but not in strength."


"What do you mean by that?"


"Wow, you really haven't heard the story, have you?"


"Nope, not at all.."


"Thetas, in simplest words, are vampires. They need human blood and don't sleep. They can go out in the day, that's how they hide among us. Their true selves don't appear until midnight strikes. The curfew time, when the government allows them to feed on the strays. But everyone knows that things that are trapped, tend to fight back."


"Vampires don't exist, no way. That's just a legend."


"Believe what you want. But I know that your mother told you the same story. That's how you have that necklace."


"What do you know about the necklace?"


"Many things. But you need to figure it out for yourself."


If only I believed that story was true when she told me about it. Maybe then, I wouldn't have been caught up in this.

Author's Note:
Well, finally got around to posting this.
I hope everyone loves it~ <3 My love for U-KISS<3
And, please spread the love~

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Disclaimer: I do not own U-KISS nor other groups that appear. Slightly inspired by 1984 by George Orwell. I only own the plotline and my original character. Any similarities to other stories, books, etc, are purely coincidence.

Started: April 16th, 2012.

Finished: September 23rd, 2012.


Forbidden Love: I have a midterm to study for, on Wednesday, so you have to wait for updates..

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Chapter 34: OMG I JUST NOTICED YOU WROTE CLUB NEVERLAND!!! I FREAKING LOVE YOU!!! I've reread that story literally about 20 times already and I never get bored. The sequel is amazing too. :D Im SO reading more of your stories.
Chapter 34: Omo loved the story!! I wish it was longer thought D: Sequel plz :D I really couldn't wait to finish this story but stupid homework was in the way and now im sad it ended.
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Chapter 6: Omg cuhrayzeeeeee storyline!!!! Heeeee i'm a new kissme and seems like I found thenperfect fanfic abt ukiss!!!
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can't i have a soft copy ?? sorry for my English XD .
Chapter 34: AHHH! It's over~~~ TT_____TT
So it was SHINee!! Jinki~ So. Dang. Adorkable XD
This was so good! I loved reading it so much. Sad that it's over but there'll be a never ending thing with you so yeah XD
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Chapter 33: No! It's over. ;AA;
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Anyways~ Congrats unni! Another story finished! :D
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Chapter 34: *CRIES*
I MISS MY BABY SO MUCH <33333333333333333333333333333333333

keke, I sort knew it was SHINee and WOO~ Happy Endings <3
AND CHENCHEN XD ahaha, I loved him in this~

The new Vamp Council is Spica :) BoAh <3 and there's five members and they're awesome! <3

HEHEHE <3 <3 <3 Thanks Unnie!!! ^^ I loved reading this <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333

now, excuse me while I go have a sobfest about missing my kitty/vampire/idiot who is partying hard in NY :P
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Chapter 33: Spica~