Im your doctor.. Listen to me!


"Cant you just listen to me?!"
"Im your doctor!"


Characters Introduction ;

Jessica Jung Soo-yeon

-Daughter of the famous sports company who grooms potential atheletes

Kwon Yuri

-Potential&talented swimmer groomed by Mr Jung's company
-Went on a scholarship to study medicine
-Came back as a full time swimmer&part-time doctor


*Hello readers,
I dont know how this fanfic will eventually turn out.
This is my first fanfic on Yulsic.
I thought i had written too much on Taengsic so i wanted to try something new.
Please do comment&subscribe!
Comments&subscribers are what keeps me going(:
Thanks for reading!

PS; I've made the characters introduction short because i thought putting the main characters in will do the job(: Plus, it'll be kinda fun to find out what happens in the story than foreword before you even started reading right?

Sorry readers, give me sometime about the updates. I think im not getting enough sleep from the last two weeks. Gna catch my sleep back before i start updating!

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35 streak #1
Chapter 40: Genial
miaymh #2
Chapter 40: It's seriously great fanfic author.... Squel will be nice :))
Thanks for updating such a wonderful story :D
Chapter 40: It's really a great story author..
I love it
Thank you
unbelieve #4
Chapter 1: i sure this is nice story
Chapter 40: :) sad happy reading this ff.. thanks to make awesome fanfict like this >.<
snsd94ever #6
Chapter 39: Hey author! I love ur story!! I love how u controlled the ups and downs of yulsic! But the things is u didntvreally write abt seungli and his grandma on why did they give a evil smirk after jessica left. So i was thinking the story didntbend that nicely so can u like prepare the ending! I would love it!!! Thanks! And sica, get well soon!!!
eka318 #7
Chapter 40: It ended acwardly
sone1259 #8
Chapter 40: Huh wonder what grandma & seung lee is planing something? They say let The game started but why? Sica & Yul didn't do something wrong to them right? And it just weird how YulSic descripe them, like pale and isn't sad over son died? Etc
sone1259 #9
Chapter 6: Omg... poor sica-ah, get well really really soon. Mostly of story I read about Sica (like drama and stuff) Why must Sica roll being Sick and weak or get hurt and her parents dont Care about her. Make me feel really sad! Anyway love ya YulSic.
dongseng-unnie #10
omg. what happened with seung lee and the grandma?
they were acting a little evil after sica visited their house
will there be a sequel?