The Scribbles in her Journal

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He's mean to her. She's tries to be mean to him. 

They've never been friends. Never will be friends.

But what if the story changes with the little secret, that she likes him? A lot, too. Ever since they met in 8th grade, she's only had eyes for him.

But he doesn't like her, niether in a crush way nor a friend way. So it's not like she can make subtle hints to him to show that she likes him.

But one day, she can't take it anymore. She needs to talk about this little love "tiny crush" of hers.

But she can't tell anyone. It's just going to make life a living torture device. Why? Because most of her friends like him, too. But in their minds, she hates him.

So she gets a notebook. A regular composition notebook. But don't judge a book by it's cover, no.

This notebook is no regualr notebook. She writes all her fluffy and cheesy dreams, fantasies and drabbles that she wishes for about them. She brings it everywhere she goes.

But what if one day out of the blue, the boy she likes finds the notebook?






- Oh Sera: You
- Kim Jongin (Kai): The boy you have a mild crush on
- Kim Suho: Your best friend, one of Kai's best friends
- Oh Sehun: Your twin brother, one of Kai's best friends
- Do Kyungsoo: One of Kai's friend, you learn to become friends with him
- Park Chanyeol: Another one of Kai's friends (minor role)
- Byun Baekhyun: Another one of Kai's friends (minor role)

i updated yesterday and today im doing real good, guys LOL

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Chapter 4: Please updateeeeeee
Chapter 4: New subscriber here and reader author-nim. I liked your story a lot. Please make an update soon! I am really looking fprward to this story of yours. <3
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ awesome!
just in case you forgot author nim.. PLEASE UPDATE!!! ㅠ.ㅠ
Omfg still waiting fit an update :T
I reread this like five times! Pleaseeeeee authornim!!
/Did not forget about this fic lol...just I'm case you thought I did.
And it might seem like I'm rushing you (But really I'm not!) I just wanted to leave a comment because I practically begged you to keep the fic a while back and it would seem ironic if I totally forgot about it now.
No rush~...Take your time:).As long as you don't delete this fic Lol.
Can you update for the 125 subscribers you have please?!!!
Ignore the haters,you can never please everyone in life.There will be haters and there will be people that'll try to put you down.I don't know why people even bother doing all that crap.I've been waiting for this and you just got to the interesting part,please don't stop now!!
Unnie!!!! Wae?!?! You're not updating TT^TT
mustaches #9
are you going to continue this?
LOLOLOL you are jjang!!
I love this story!!
Pwease update soon!!!
*Does aegyo*