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IM5 is an American Sing and Dance grroup with 5 cute members whose age ranges from 14-17. I know this is an Asian fanfic site, but i just wanna share to everyone how I idolize this rookie group so much. My name's Julimae, but i prefer people to call me JULY. I'm from Philippines and I can say that I am their BIGGEST FAN in the WORLD, as of now. These lads are so gonna make a blast this 2012 and I couldn't wait for their very first ALBUM to come. And when they get famous and bewitch fajilion of girls all around the world, i can tell that i would be one of those girls who'd say that "I SAW THEM FIRST!" hehe... And besides, I am an ASIAN so i guess it's okay to post something like this in this ite. hehe...much love ♥♥♥


Truth be told, i am currently working on with a story with them as the LEADING CHARACTERS. I saved the chapters in my draft first. Since IM5 doesn't have a fanfic site yet, i decided to visit here and yeah,, i'm writing an IM5 fanfic here. But as soon as there would be a site for them, i would so register as soon as possible.


THAT'S GABRIEL MORALES. But people prefer calling him GABE. He's a Cuban and Venezuelan. Birthdate, June 22, 1995. Sport, football. He's hillarious, believe me.


He's name is William Jay. Will for short. He's a Chinese and German. Birthdate, June 18, 1996. Sport, football too :)He plays the piano.


This one's Dana Vaughns, III, the youngest with the age of 14. He was born on January 2, 1998. Sport, basketball.He sounds so much like Bieber and for me, he's the best dancer in the group.


COLE ALAN PENDERY. Handsome, eh? I love his swag and he is my crush in the group. Sport, Soccer. Birthdate, February 22, 1996.


And, oh yeah, DALTON RAPATTONI. He's the guy i am gonna be marrying. Hehe. He plays the guitar, drums, bass and keyboard.Sport, Hockey. Birthdate, February 6, 1996.. tsk tsk tsk, i could still remember the incident that happened here in Cebu during his birthday. The EARTHQUAKE. But anyways, JOHN DALTON became my FAVORITE SCIENTIST because of HIM.hahaha.



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minsulfanfic #1
Omygawd! I love im5!!!! I was like surfing the net.....IM5, Adianfanfics! Then, I was like..... SABJSBADEBJFBCEQFENFEJC IM55555555
I have just recently discovered them and already a big fan. My biases are Will and Gabe but I literally have so much love for all of them, WHY DID I NOT HEAR OF THEM SOONER? I've known Gabe for a long while cos he dances, he acts, ha! he even does stand up comedy so I was already a fan but then WILLIAM JAY. That dude matches my music style and everything I ever look for in music. Dana is an adorable little munchkin and he does remind me of Bieber but for sure, Dana's voice is much more raw talent. Cole *sigh* Cole. His voice is cold and it's so nice to listen to, he's my lullaby. And then Dalton's power vocals and he's this cute little rockstar in a pop boyband but it freakin works. again WHY ARE THEY NOT FAMOUS

ps I'm Filipino too ^^ sorry ang daldal ko hehehe
Filipina? Nice!!!
thank you . it was very helpful . I starting to fall for them . Especially Will . ;D
erialc #5
Oh my god i love them too!! My favourite is will!!