GI Blues


Hello, all! 

Well, I hate to come to you with such dour news - this is the second announcement I've made here in so many months, after all. It is with deep regret that I've decided to discontinue my series "GI Blues" and remove it from the Internet. I've never been particularly pleased with the style of writing I used for the series and I had originally planned to rewrite it from the ground-up, but I have neither the time nor patience to go back and fix all that work. I no longer have any real drive or inspiration to continue this story, either; as the further I go along in my own career, I realize how little I know about the dynamics necessary to really drive this story. However, perhaps the most damning thing about this story is how life imitates art - and I, in good conscience, can't continue a story that is starting to hit a little too close to home. I may return to this universe and rework some of it to where it isn't so bad, but for now, "GI Blues" will not be around on any of my accounts anywhere. I thank you all for understanding and I hope you'll still stick around for my other stories in the future. 

Always yours,

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I've always waited for an update! I'm still not giving up with this fic! :D
Wow I thought you left O_O awesome!!!!!!! Well I now saw the new chapter and I must say it is going quite well. Can't wait for the next one ^^
Thanks for updating!! great chapter.
This story is hilarious
Omg I love this story!!! Please please!!! update soon!!
kyu0306 #6
I was wrong.. I've read the side story too.. :'( *sniff..

Okay then.. I'll wait again.. happy writing author-nim!
kyu0306 #7
I've read this on livejournal and I'm dying for waiting an update from you.. It's already chapter 4 in heree!!! XD
[deactivated] #8
I love your StoryXD please update soon:)
That's hell of admirers, ain't it ? x) Well, good story anyway. I don't see why it would be bad.
Next chapter, much ? :D
OMO this is s funny D poor Lee Donghae he has a mess of admirers XD I hope Kyuhyun puts his plan into action soon :D I really want to read some more Kyuhae <3