I Love My Badgirl


You are the high school student who involved to the an arranged marriage but you can't avoid it. You will do anything just to make your partner get mad on you but its something hit you back. Can you keep make him mad on you?

I'm heart sick, heal me, be crazy, can't let you go

Sad love song, my love's gone, please baby, don't go far

Down, down, we gotta get down, down, down, we gotta get down

Down, down, we gotta get down, I want ya,

come to me girl

Amuri saeng gakhaedo maldo adwae, BADGIRL

Jakkuman ni saengage michyeo michyeo, BADGIRL

Tteonaji mallago nege sorichyeodo

Dwi dora bojida anhneun, BADGIRL

I don't own these characters. If there any similarities with any fiction, it only a coincidental.


Annyeong everyone..^^

Firstly, thank you for subscribe to my first story, Wonderful Romance. Well, I hope it not making your life boring when you read it. That was my first trying in AFF.

'I Love My Badgirl' is my 2nd fanfic in AFF. Hope you guys would like it. Please subscribe and feel free to leave your comment on it. Okay?^^

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_Angelique_ #1
Chapter 7: Is Mi Yoon Dujun's wife? hohoho sorry :P
hoshi_starkwon #2
Chapter 31: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
awww it ended, than you for the story~ <3
Hehe great story!
Beast! <3
This is great! LOL Beast is amazing! <3
Great job, author-nim! :D
so its ended....congratulation on finishing your story
awww dongwoon said he loved me!!! yea~~~
leeliiy #7
when are u going to update it?im waiting
sackjt #8
interesting story,i subscribed!
Update Update Update Update Update :D
good job!