Father ~ Son Bonding!!!

Destined Forever

After a month, YongSa could already go back to work

YongSa is currently the manager of the most famous and successful bank in South Korea that's why she needs to return to work as soon as she'd fine already

"Oppa, I need to go to work!" YongSa said as she rushes downstairs

"Oh! Let me take you to work!" Sungmin answered as he follows his wife

"Oh My Gosh!!! I forgot! Who's going to take care of SungYe?!!" YongSa panicked as soon as she saw a playing baby SungYe

"Yeobo-ah(honey), listen to me" Sungmin calmly said as he grabbed YongSa's shoulders and looked straightly to her eyes

"Stop panicking, nothing will happen if you keep on panicking. It might just be worsen. Arraso(alright)? Sungmin said as he looks at YongSa

"Oppa, I'm just worried who will watch over SungYe" YongSa replied with a calm and sad tone as she looks at a playing SungYe with teary eyes

"Don't cry. Don't worry about SungYe, I'm here to take care of him" Sungmin held YongSa's chin for her to look at him and wipes the tears that are falling from YongSa's eyes

"Keunde(but) oppa, you have to go to work. Don't tell me, you'll bring SungYe with you?" YongSa said as she looks at Sungmin

"That's what I'm going to tell you right now. Appa(dad) gave me a day off because he saw how hardworking and stressed I was these past few days. So, don't worry about SungYe anymore because I'll be here to take care of him. His father will take care of him a.k.a your husband. So, no need to worry about him, arraso(alright)" Sungmin explained calmly

YongSa sighed and answered with a calm voice: "Thank goodness!!!" as she gave Sungmin a relieved smile

Sungmin smiled at her cuteness and went to get his car keys while YongSa carried SungYe


In front of the bank where YongSa works

"Oppa, I'm going now. I'll just ask Hyunae and Kyuhyun oppa for a ride home later. arraso(alright)? So, have fun with SungYe. Don't forget the things I taught and told you to do, arraso(alright)?" YongSa reminded

"Arraso(alright), omma(mom)!!!!" Sungmin joked

"SungYe-ah, omma(mom) has to leave for work now!!! Omma(mom) will miss you so much!!! Anyway, have fun with Appa(dad), arraso(alright)?" YongSa said as she kisses and hugs SungYe

YongSa kissed Sungmin and bid goodbye


Inside the room of SungYe

"SungYe-ah!!! What do you want to do with appa(dad) today?" Sungmin asked SungYe as he looks at him with a big smile

Sungmin saw SungYe pick some lego bricks and play with them

"Oh! So, you want to play lego? Appa(dad) will make a big robot for you using lego!" Sungmin exclaimed as he kisses SungYe's soft hair

After some minutes Sungmin handed SungYe the robot made of lego

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" Sungmin shouted as he moves the robot closer to SungYe and pretends to use the gun to kill him

SungYe saw it and a wide cute smile was seen on his face as he played with it

"CLICK!" As soon as Sungmin saw his cute smile, he quickly took his phone out and took a picture of SungYe

After 4 hours of playing lego, drawing silly pictures, throwing play balls at each other, teaching SungYe how to read, walk, and talk, they finally got tired and ate their lunch


At the Dining Table

"SungYe-ah! Say ahhhhh...... the plane is already coming eeeeeehhhhhh......" Sungmin instructed SungYe as he makes the sound of airplanes

SungYe complied and happily ate the cerelac with a smile on his face

"Maa(delicious)?" Sungmin asked as he wipes the cerelac on SungYe's face


Doori yuhngwuhnhee hamkke doori sarangeul hal ddaen woori apeuji anhke    (the two of us, forever, the two of us, when we love, it should never hurt)


Sungmin's phone rang and he quickly answered it without looking at the caller ID

"Yoboseyo(hello)?" Sungmin started as he bent his head on his shoulder so that his phone won't fall (A/N: do you get what I mean? Please comment or message me if not and I'll explain it to you)

"Yoboseyo(hello), Oppa!" YongSa happily exclaimed

"Oh, Yeobo-ah(honey)!!! Why did you call?" Sungmin asked as he happily feeds SungYe

"Oh, it's our lunch break so I called to know if you've eaten your lunch already" YongSa explained

"Oh! Actually, we're eating right now. I'm feeding SungYe with cerelac. Have you eaten your lunch?" Sungmin answered

"Neh(yes)!! That's good to hear!! Can I speak with SungYe?" YongSa asked

"Ofcourse!!!  Jakh mahn han(wait a minute)! SungYe-ah!!! Omma(mom) wants to talk to you!" Sungmin answered as he turns the loudspeaker on and places his phone near SungYe's ears

"Annyeong(hi), SungYe-ah!!! Do you miss omma(mom)??? Because omma(mom) misses you already!!! Have fun with appa(dad), arraso(alright) Don't be naughty!!! Saranghae(I love you)" YongSa sweetly said

"Oppa, I need to go now! Don't forget the things I taught and told you!!!" YongSa reminded

"Arraso(alright)" Sungmin answered

"I'm hunging up, Saranghae(I love you)" YongSa said

"Nado, Saranghaeyo(I love you too)" Sungmin answered and hung up


After eating, Sungmin washed the dishes and went back to play in SungYe's room


SungYe was sitting on Sungmin's lap while Sungmin was holdingboth of his hands and playing the 'fake fall'  (you know those kinds of activities that babies love?! When yu pretend to let them fall then quickly pull them up?? Do you get what I mean? If not, comment or message me and I'll explain it to you)

SungYe was laughing hard as well as Sungmin as he sees how happy his son is. Until SungYe......................................................................FARTED!!!!

"What's that horrible smell???" Sungmin tried to look around for the source until he stopped at SungYe who was still laughing

"Is that you, SungYe?" Are you the owner of that horrible stinky smell? or should I say fart???" Sungmin asked SungYe playfully and SungYe laughed and farted again

"Aish!!! So.... It was YOU!!! You're the owner of that horrible stinky smell, huh?" Sungmin said playfully as he pretends to look at him suspiciously 

SungYe laughed again while Sungmin peaks on his diaper

"So....... you didn't just release a horrible stinky gas??? You even released what you've eaten??? So, it's time for cleaning!!!" Sungmin said as he carries SungYe inside the bathroom


Inside the Bathroom

"Aish! How do I take this of???" Sungmin asked himself as he looks at SungYe's diaper

"Aish! This is what I hate the most!!! When a baby is called by nature!!! I really don't know how to do this kinds of things" Sungmin exclaimed frustratedly 

"I should have listened and watched YongSa carefully when she was teaching me about this!!! Now what am I gonna do??? Who should I ask about it??? I can't call YongSa right now 'cause she's working. Same as Hyunae. I can't call omma(mom), it'll be embarrasing!!! Now who should I call???" Sungmin frustratedly asked himself

An idea popped on his mind and quickly called someone using video call

"Annyeong(hi)!!!!!!!!" Sungmin exclaimed as soon as the person answered the call 

"Annyeong(hi)!!!!!!! Sungmin-ah, why did you call?" the person asked

"Kyuhyun-ah! You're also a father now, right? Like me?" Sungmin asked 

"Neh(yes)! Why sudden ask?" Kyuhyun asked

"Well, you see, I kinda have a problem right now. And I was wondering if you could help me?" Sungmin asked shyly

"Sure! What is it?" Kyuhyun asked

"Well, you see.... I want to ask if you know how to remove and put a baby's diaper?" Sungmin asked shyly

Kyuhyun chuckled and answered him: "You're so funny! Mianhae(sorry) about that! Well, yes, I know how! Hyunae taught me!" 

"Cheongmal(really)??? Can you please teach me how you do it with your son, DongHyun?" Sungmin pleaded

"Sure!" Kyuhyun answered happily 

After minutes of teaching......

"Ohhhhh...... That's easy!" Sungmin commented as soon as Kyuhyun finished explaining

"I know right?! But how come you didn't know??? Maybe you weren't listening to YongSa???" Kyuhyun asked playfully

"Aish! Stop it! Anyway, kumowo(thanks) for teaching me!" Sungmin thanked

"Sure, no prblem!!! Anytime!!!" Kyuhyun answered and hung up

Sungmin quickly brought SungYe back to his room and sung lullabies for him until he himself fell asleep beside his son


YongSa's POV

After Kyuhyun and Hyunae dropped me in front of our house, I quickly went inside

I walked towards the living room and found it empty

Maybe they're eating dinner already? 

I went to the kitchen and it was empty

Maybe they want to have some fresh air beside the pool?

I went to the garden that has a pool beside it, still no one was there

I went to our room and there was still no sign of them

I was about to give up when I heard the aircon inside SugYe's room. I quickly but carefully opened the door only to find the 2 most important guys in my life sleeping beside each other

I kissed them both which woke my handsome husband, Sungmin and made my son, SungYe, move

-end of YongSa's POV-


"Oh! Did you just arrive?" Sungmin asked while sitting up

"Neh(yes)!!! Have you etaen dinner?" YongSa asked as she fixes the pajama of SungYe

"Anio(no)" Sungmin simply answered as he stretches his arms 

"Oh! So, did you have fun?" YongSa asked with a smile

"Yep! Today was the 6th best day ever!!!" Sungmin answered happily as he kisses SungYe

"6th? why 6th?" YongSa asked as she eyed him cluelessly

"6th because the 1st day ever was when you became my jagiya(darling/girlfriend), 2nd when I heard your sweet 'yes' the time I asked you to marry me, 3rd was when everybody witnessed including God our love for each other through our marriage, 4th was when the you told me that you are pregnant, 5th was when you gave birth to a very healthy and cute baby named Lee SungYe" Sungmin exlplained

YongSa had tears forming in her eyes because she was touched of what his husband said

Sungmin hugged him tightly and kissed her

"Oppa, you have some explaining to do!" YongSa silently exclaimed 

"BWO(what)?!!!" Sungmin slightly shouted

"Shhhh!!!! Neh(yes)!!! Kyuhyun oppa told me you called him to teach you how to put and remove a diaper" YongSa answered with a smirk

"Oh.... about that, mianhae(sorry) for not listening to you attentively" Sungmin apologized with his head down

YongSa pulled his chin up for him to face her

"Gwenchana(it's alright), oppa!" YongSa answered and kissed him before changing her clothes and went down to cook dinner 



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