A day with EXO : Chanyeol

The Story of EXO
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"What is this place?" You asked while staring up at the colorful building, "Lotte World, Jina." Baekhyun appeared next to you. "Oh my!" You jumped and tripped on your untied shoelace, "Woah!" You yelped and was about to crash the floor, but a hand reached out and grabbed you by the waist. 
Baekhyun pulled you close to him and you opened up your eyes, you looked up and blushed madly. *God... why am I always stuck in these can of weird scenes?* You quickly got up and bowed at him, "Sorry. I was being clumsy again." You shyly said. Baekhyun find it cute and just nod. "Its okay." was all he said.
Kris and Chanyeol came racing back with the 13 tickets in their hand, Suho just shook his head at them. "Seriously, you two should really learn how to grow up, and you, Kris." Suho eyed him carefully, Kris just shrugged. "We're just having FUN! And you should too, you're not getting any younger you know?" Kris casually said, that made the rest of them cracked up.
You'd just giggled, Suho stare at you in disbelief. You bit your bottom trying to not burst into a fit of giggles and just bowed at him, "Mianhae..." Suho just pouted and snatched the tickets from him, "Let's go." He angrily said and stormed inside the entrance.
You'd stop giggling at last and just stare at him, *We were just joking.* You went after him and appeared right next to his side, "You okay, Suho oppa?" You asked. 
"No..." He pretended to be sad and all, "Awww.... we were just joking. No need to be sad." You comfortingly patted his back, "Even if Kris said that you'll become old. You'll always looked young to me, even though I barely know you." You happily beamed. Suho couldn't believe on what he had just heard from you, your sentence was so sweet and innocent that he had to chuckle at you, but his heart was filled with warmth and love.
"Hey! You chuckle! That's a good sign." You beamed and was suddenly grabbed the arm, "Woah." You called out and stare at the person that was dragging you to a place, *Chanyeol oppa?* You thought.
"O-Oppa! Where are we going??" You asked loudly. Chanyeol stopped in front of the rollercoaster ride and beamed brightly at it, you looked up and gasped. "W-What is that??!" You were trembling, "A adventurous ride!" Chanyeol said and he dragged you in. "Come on!" 
"WHAT?!" You were scared to death as you heard those terrifying screams, "YAH! CHANYEOL!" You heard the others yelled at him as he entered the ride, you helplessly stare at the rest of them. *Help...*
"Last two seats." The worker called out, "Here!" Chanyeol called out and plopped onto the seat while flipping his hair, some girls waiting in the line screamed out loud.
"Oh my god! He looks like an idol!" "Is he popular?!" "So handsoomeee~" Some murmured.
Chanyeol blinked at you, "Come on." He urged. You shyly bit your lip and sat next to him, "But, my dress." You said. 
"Oh, right." Chanyeol got up and took off his jacket, girls squealed out loud. "EEEEKKK!!" You covered your ears from the loudness.
You looked up and was puzzled, *What is he doing?* You thought. "Get up." Chanyeol said. "What?" 
Chanyeol just sighed but smile while yanking you up, girls gasped out loud and your eyes widened, Chanyeol carefully tied his jacket around your waist and made sure its secure tightly. "There." he said and and sat back down.
"Are you guys done?" The worker said, tired of seeing you two stopping the ride. "Yes sir! Sit, Jina." Chanyeol said. "Okay." You sat back down and held onto his jacket tightly, it has his scent all over it and you liked it a lot. Heart beating fast you held onto the lever real tightly.
"Buckle up." The worker said. Chanyeol buckled up and all you did was sat there, trying to know what the tool was for. *Buckle what up?* You were puzzled.
Chanyeol notice you being confused and puzzled, *Silly, Ka In.* He thought and helped you buckle up properly. You gasped and Chanyeol smile. "There you go." He smile and lightly patted your head.
You blushed madly from his touch and just looked away, "Okay, ready? 1... 2... 3... GO!" He pushed a button and the ride went forward.
"Eek!" You clung onto Chanyeol real quick from the first move, Chanyeol just smile at you. *Aigoo. Seriously a first timer.* He'd smile and turned back to the front as the coaster went to the top. "Hold on tight." Chanyeol said while the coaster stopped at the top.
"What?" You asked. *Here goes.* Chanyeol thought and the coaster went dashing down.
You screamed your mights out and the rest of the Princes of EXO heard your screams from below. "Hold on, Jina! Damn, that Chanyeol." Tao shouted out loud. 
You clung onto Chanyeol tightly and he savored the moment, *The reason why I love rollercoasters.* He smirked and held onto you too.
After the loopy loops and zig zag rides, the coaster came back to a stop. You were still clunging onto Chanyeol as the coaster had came back to its start.
"Jina." Chanyeol shook you, you still didn't move. "Jina." Chanyeol tried to pulled you off him, "Please, oppa." You begged, almost crying. "Just let me rest on you, I'm scared." You admitted.
Chanyeol stopped and softenend. *Guess I went too far. Sorry.* He gently leaned down to you and planted a kiss on your forehead, your eyes widened at that movment. You looked up at him. "Oppa?"
"You okay now?" He asked. You nod carefully. "Good." He started to get up and off the ride, "You coming?" He asked.
"Yes," You said, Chanyeol was about to go until you continued, ".... but," He stopped and turn back, "... I can't move a bit." You bluntly said it out.
Chanyeol had to chuckle at that and lifted you up bridal style immediately, your eyes widened and you stare at him. Chanyeol just smile at you, "You know, you have this thing of opening your eyes real big. I can too, you know? See." He opened up his eyes real big at you.
You stare at his cute, innocent face. *Such a sweet and adorable face, but a manly voice. You are one interesting man, Chanyeol.* You chuckle at his funny face.
Chanyeol beamed and carried you out the building, people gasped at the two of you.
"Aww, such a sweet couple." "Cute!" "Where's my camera?" 
You heard others comments and compliments but didn't care, your attention was on Chanyeol now. The caring man and fun man that you knew all along. 
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For those who don't know EXO's Powers
Suho : Water
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Chanyeol : Flame
Kris : Flight
Kai : Teleportation
Lay : Healing
Xiumin : Frost
Tao : Time Control
Sehun : Wind
Chen : Lightning
Luhan : Telepatry (P.S. I don't really know his power o.o)
D.O. : Earth
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poohyeol #1
Chapter 13: There is is really confusing..... It seems like when they fell on earth they were baby but at the same time u say they knew the girl from very start, they have had spent many year together.
And I m sure she wasn't on earth with them when they were child because they were living in orphanage.... And so they were not on exo planet either.
And again she never Show them but know everything about them, and yet she know everything about them but don't recognize her flashbacks
So much confusing.
taetae29 #2
Chapter 25: Why does she need chopsticks at a pizza shack? Lololoooo XD
liyanaTik #3
I've been reading this for more then 5 times it still doesnt disappoint me
Chapter 72: First time reading this XD don't know why I didn't see this story before..... Anyways love the story, the plot, and the characters ^^
Chapter 72: This is an AFF staple here!!!!!!!!! Best EXO story of all time!!!!!!!!!!
Taemin22 #6
This is probably the 7th time I'm going to re read this story I'm not even kidding.
The plot is so good and I really like it. Like I mentioned this is probably the 7th time I've re read the whole story, but I read my favourite chapters atleast 20 times >_<
Chapter 72: amazing story
Chapter 35: I'm in love with this too~ ._. Eotteoke?! \(`v`)/
Chapter 34: Okay,This is the second time i read this and..........I'm Still In Love With This Chapter!!!!!!!!!1
Chapter 22: Wait... I just noticed that in the foreword you put that Ka In is older than them all but why is she calling them oppa then?