let you break my heart again

minji sighs, nasa la union siya ngayon taking a break, di na niya kaya pang magpanggap kay hanni, her best friend and first love.


she let the waves cover her feet and closed her eyes and let a tear fell.


one day i will stop falling in love with you


iniisip niya, nang her phone rang. it was hanni.


"ji! kelan kayo uuwi?"


minji smiled and chuckled, wiped her tears and pretends everything is fine.


"do u miss me?"


"i do"


she's being friendly kim minji. it's nothing


"stop it hanni"


minji chuckled and let a tear fall, again.


"no joke, kelan nga? dani needs me na"


dani? danielle?


"sinong dani?"


"my loml, danielle. stuco pres, my sunshine, pinakamamahal ko"




"i need to go"


minji looked up and cried. she's not dani, she's not hanni's loml, her sunshine, her pinakamamahal. she'll never be the danielle marsh.


hanni will never love minji the way hanni loves danielle.


Ooh, still you take up all my mind
I don't even think that you care like I do
I should stop, heaven knows I've tried


im addicted to this song 🙌

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