MNET Scandal - EXO Ver.


Usually they would pick 2 out of the other members but since EXO had 12 members, they chose 4. Chosen 4 are Sehun, Kai, Chanyeol and Lu Han. The boys were excited as it was their first variaty show. Curiosity hit them as they wondered who was the girl they're gonna date. In the end of MNET Scandal, was it love or was it acting?


"The Sun Goes Down, The Stars Comes Out, As It Take Action, Focusing On Us" -unknown







Sehun: He is the youngest out of EXO members. He's the cute and childish type. But he can be serious when he need to. In MNET Scandal, he does everything to keep Sae Mi(you) happy. As she is his apple of his eye.




Lu Han: He is a member of EXO-M and the only Chinese member that is joining MNET Scandal. He can solve the rubik's cube in less than 2 minutes which amuses Ji Na(you). Caring yet thoughtful, meet Lu Han.




Kai: Second youngest among EXO members and the visual. His looks and dance moves just blows Maeri(you) away. He may look cold, but he's quiet shy. Once he opens up, you may realize that he doesn't seem cold after all.




Chanyeol: He stands 184cm tall while Ki Seung(you) stands 163cm. The height between them makes them feel awkward but in the sight of other nitizens, it's quiet adorable. Chanyeol, the guy who's all romantic and sweet, is there to care for Ki Seung throughout MNET Scandal lasts.




EXO-K: SuHo, D.O, Baekhyun.
EXO-M: Tao, Kris, Xiu Min, Chen, Lay




Ki Seung: Paired up with Chanyeol. An 18 year-old student from Seoul Arts High School. You major the Piano and Violin.




Sae Mi: Paired up with Se Hun. You're 16 years old that lives near Kangnam but came to Seoul for further your studies. You speak English fluently and she's good at clothes.




Mae Ri: You're 17 that goes to the same school as Sae Mi, Seoul Arts High School. Paired up with Kai. You can act very well as you are currently auditioning for an opening act.




Ji Na: You were paired with Lu Han. You were originally from Japan. He teaches you Chinese while you teach him Japanese. You're 19 years old that is about to graduate High School, going to Seoul University.   



DON'T PLAGIARIZE PLEASE. I just followed the idea of MNET Scandal being paired up with a random girl for a week. That's all. Credits go to MNET for that but the rest of the ideas are mine. I do not own the characters, although mentally I do xD

Don't get confused with the couples cause I'll separate each pair in different chapters ^^ You get 4 different perspectives of the boys.


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"Kai, Sehun, Chanyeol and Lu Han! Come to the living room! There's important news!" the manager yelled out as he sat down beside the video player. The boys rushed down as they heard their name and looked at the manager in a puzzled manner.
"Come, sit! And watch this" he said as he patted on the space beside him.
"But, manager hyung, you said you wanted to tell-"
"Shh, sit" Lu Han got cut off by the manager. He was being obedient and sat down on the floor with Kai.
The manager played the video that had a title 'MNET Scandal', Infnite version. The boys watched in awe as they saw how their sunbaes were acting towards the girl in the video. Their daze was cut off by their manager as he paused the video.
"Saw that right? That's the important news I'm delivering to you guys" he said as he got up and folded his arms like a boss. The boys tilted their head in confusion: What did the manager mean?
"You four are going on MNET Scandal" the manager said.
"EH?!" the boys burst.

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BaekChaYun #1
Chapter 5: This is too sweet. I know this sounds clichéd, but I really feel a cavity forming lol. Hope this gets updated!
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Chapter 3: WHOA~ I love the "romanticy-ness" that is going on!
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awesome fic !!!!!
this looks so sweet!
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asdfghjkl Kai is so sweet <3
Can't wait for the next update :)
aww, how sweet of kai. :3

cant wait for the other members' date! esp. Luhan. c:
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aww, first date with Kai is totally cute. :D and haha Bear Oppa, omg, i cannot see Kai like that as before... but i think i can now. xD i can't wait for the others! =]
this is like so goooood!!! i loove it!!
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aww, i love each of their first encounter~ now i'm curious for the rest of it. =] keep it up~ and BTOB are awesome guys. love Insane. =]
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