Opposites Do Attract

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Academic achiever Karina, was dragged by her friends to watch a live gig on a local bar near their school to unwind after their exams. And then there's Winter– the infamous pogi guitarist of The Mako Band. 


What can they say? Opposites do attract. 


At dahil hindi ko na napigilan ang mga daliri ko sa pagtitipa😪. Here's Guitarist Winter x Nerdy Karina. 



This is my longest one shot yet😩. Hope you enjoyed reading this! ☺✌


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kyungwanmoguri #1
part 2 plsss, its too good kaya kelangan ng part 2😩🥹
yuyuyujimin #2
Chapter 1: torrr we need part 2 po 😫 ang cuteeee thank u very much for this!!!!
Chapter 1: cutie!!! hahahaha
KINIKILIG AKO MALALA OMG This really lift up my mood thanks for writing this
kyungwanmoguri #5
my favorite!!! i hope you write part 2 of this story
102 streak #6
Chapter 1: Ang cute 🤭
Chapter 1: Kiliiiiig😊 and ugh rocker minjeong😩 so pogi
Chapter 1: Ang cute cute nila.

Patorpe pa raw si winter 😅. Aamin din naman.
Eli_The_Queen #9
Chapter 1: Zimzalabim zimzimzalabim sana po may part 2🙏
kyungwanmoguri #10
sana may part 2 otor!!!