But It Still Changes

Everything Stays

It's silent, abnormally so. All she can do is watch the girl's chest slowly rise and fall with each breath she takes.


Jinsol's been staring at the clouds for quite a while now. She hasn't even moved a single inch since she asked Jungeun to lay down with her. The latter agreed, not understanding why, but what Jinsol wants, Jinsol gets. 


"Why'd you bring me here?" Jungeun finally lets herself break the silence, her curiosity getting the best of her. She waits for a response, hugging her knees closer to her front as she continues staring at the girl sprawled out before her.


Jinsol breathes out a sigh. Her vulnerable eyes meet with Jungeun's undecipherable ones. Jinsol's always been the emotional one between them. Being distraught for discovering that she's got these strange eye problems only for it to be something related to having these strange powers instead, all she ever wanted was someone or something like her.




And so, she found Jungeun. A girl whose eyes flashed an eye-catching red in contrast to her brilliant blue hue. Despite differing in abilities, they got along well because they were.. similar. Jungeun learned how to press the right buttons with Jinsol, but Jinsol barely knew how with Jungeun's panel.


Though, Jinsol knew one thing's for sure,


Kim Jungeun can be insufferable.


Especially during petty arguments. Jinsol found that Time Travel was a pretty neat ability for Jungeun to possess. Manipulating time can be a little fun every now and then, but not when Jinsol's clearly winning the argument only for Jungeun to unfairly use her power to come up with a better comeback to Jinsol's words.


Two can play that game, so Jinsol has learned to simply poof out of existence to escape for a little while, pretending that she isn't some sort of Demi-God with the ability to Space Travel, but instead is just the regular 'ol Jeong Jinsol from Seoul.


On one of her many escapades from Jungeun's behavior, Jinsol finds another girl similar to them. She didn't think there was anyone else like her and Jungeun, but in the form of a girl named Kim Hyunjin, there apparently is.




Jinsol sits up, scooting closer to Jungeun for her to lean her head on her shoulder. There's a moment where Jungeun's body tenses at the unfamiliar feeling of having another body pressed against hers, then she hums, slowly letting her body understand that Jinsol isn't a.. threat. Still, Jungeun doesn't understand the purpose of why she's here to do nothing but inactivity with Jinsol.


"Thank you," Jinsol speaks, unsure. "For staying here with me." She lifts her head off to get a good look at Jungeun.


Jungeun blinks. Jinsol does the same back.


"I feel better now," is what Jungeun understands from the gaze Jinsol's sending her way.


Looking away, Jungeun nods. "That.. sadness," She starts, contemplating if she should continue or not. Jinsol gives a small smile, humming as she inches closer to Jungeun. They're close enough where their foreheads touch. "Is it something you feel all the time?"


Jinsol flutters her eyes shut, bumping their noses together. "Not all the time. You know me, the vulnerable one, can't help but get emotionally attached to certain things even if they're undeniably fleeting away." She pulls back, but they're still close enough for Jinsol to toy with the red ribbon loosely around Jungeun's collar. "You know how it is when you lose a loved one.."


Jungeun makes a confused noise, making Jinsol look up into Jungeun's incredulous stare. "I don't think I do..?" The older tilts her head with her eyebrows slightly upturned in interest.


"I've never had a loved one to lose." Jungeun admits, "And I never want to find out."

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