Equilibria & Information

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A slice-of-life winrina/jiminjeong fanfiction. 

Winter Catapang, a BS Chemistry student and Karina Ysagun, an AB Journalism student seem to be both lost in life. Will they be able to find their destination through each other's existence? 

Language: Taglish 

Setting: Philippines





- The balance between the concentration of products and reactants

- Forward reaction rate is equal to the reverse reactions rate 

- a dynamic process

- nothing can leave the system, the reaction just shifts from one place to another depending on factors that may affect the equilibrium 



- set of facts, knowledge, news, or advice provided or received 

- processed, organized, and structured data 

- could be shared verbally, non-verbally, visually or through writing 


The goal of Chemistry is to achieve equilibrium. The goal of Journalism is to provide information to the people. Winter and Karina happen to be preparing to be one of those people in these fields. But it's not a smooth sailing experience. Well, college never was. Sometimes, they get lost. There are times where they'll wonder whether this path is really made for them. The future is something that they both anticpate and fear. Where will this bring them? What'll happen along the way?


Note: Most chapters will be in Winter's point-of-view because the author themself is a BS Chem student. 

+ Only the foreword is full English. Taglish po talaga 'to. 






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