Videotape (SeulRene)
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Everyone's attention was on the white screen infront of them. A video of a girl is playing.

"And lastly, to the girl I love. Yes. A girl. I fell in love with a girl. Masama ba yon?"

Lahat ng taong nanonood ay umiling, including Seulgi who is smiling because of what the girl just said.

"I never thought I wold love you this way.. Remember when we first met?"

Nagflashback bigla sa likod ng isipan ni Seulgi yung unang araw kung kailan niya nakilala si Irene. 

Seulgi is walking in the park when she saw a girl playing with her dog. The girl's wearing a purple dress. Seulgi's facing the girl's back so she can't see the purple-dressed girl's face. Hawak ng babae yung tali ng aso ni Seulgi. It's like the girl is stealing her dog. Nagsimula ng maglakad papalayo yung babae. Seulgi hurriedly run on the girl's direction.

'No, not my Gom. Don't steal my Gom away from me! You Dognapper!' Seulgi thought.

"Hey, Miss! Ano sa tingin mo ginagawa mo? Are you trying to take away my precious property away from me?!"

The girl was startled when Seulgi suddenly grabbed her arm and faced her with anger written on her face. 

Napakurap-kurap naman si Seulgi nang makita niya yung babae. The girl looks like an angel! And she's not exaggerating! She's like an angel sent by God from above. She has this doe eyes, cute but pointed nose and thin, soft lips. 

'I never thought someone who looked like an angel could be a dognapper.' Seulgi thought.

"What do you mean I'm stealing your dog?" The angel-like girl frowned. She furrowed her eyebrows, looking so confuse. How dare she accuse me for stealing?

"Don't play innocent, Miss. I saw you walking with this precious dog! May balak ka pang kunin sakin tong pinakamamahal kong si 'Gom'?" Diniinan ni Seulgi ang pagkakasabi sa pangalan ng aso niya. Right after she said that, binuhat niya si Gom at kinuha ang tali ng aso niya mula sa pagkakahawak ng babae.

"Oh, he's your dog?"

"Yes, he is mine!"

"And his name is Gom?" 

"Yes! His name is Gom!"

"But it's a her, Miss. That dog is a girl. And that dog is mine! Her name's Baechu, and not Gom. Kaya excuse me, don't take my precious Baechu away from me."

And the girl took away the dog from Seulgi's hold.

Tinignan ni Seulgi yung pwesto kung saan niya iniwan si Gom. That's when she realized how dumb she is when she saw Gom, her white chowchow that exactly looked like 'Baechu', peacefully sleeping.

Her face blushed in embarrassment.

"That was so funny, Seulgi. And you even accused me as a Dognapper, huh? Hahaha. But I'm thankful I met you then. I was so thankful, kasi the first time I saw you, I think I fell in love with you. You dumb bear."

Everyone laughed when they heard Irene's story. Seulgi is really dumb, indeed. But neither did she regret accusing Irene as a dognapper. Kasi pagkatapos ng araw na yun, that's when her happy days started to come.

"I started going at the park after our first encounter, Seulgi. Hoping that I'll see you again. Para kasing meron akong nakikitang connection na hindi ko mapoint-out kung ano." Irene smiled in the video as she remember that certain feeling. "It's like the feeling when you finally found the one. Unexplainable at the same time fluttering. Pero sobrang nalungkot ako when I didn't see you after that day. Pero sinabi ko sa sarili ko na, unang araw pa lang naman. Maybe the day after tomorrow, I'm gonna see you again. But little did I know you will never go back to that park again, I thought. Kasi naghintay ako ng ilang months, no sign of you. That's when I told myself na I should stop the longing feeling. It won't do me good."

Inalala ni Seulgi yung mga araw pagkatapos nung park incident na yon with Irene. That's when they flew papuntang States. Bigla kasing nagkasakit yung lolo ni Seulgi kaya nagstay sila ng family niya dun for 3 months. And hindi alam ni Irene na since then, she's occupying Seulgi's mind. Seulgi never had a chance to apologize on Irene. On acting like that, like accusing her as a dognapper. Also, Seulgi somehow thought about Irene. She really finds Irene attractive when their eyes met that day. She felt her heart fluttering knowing Irene felt the same effect as hers.

Seulgi thanked herself for being dumb. For not recognizing her chowchow. If being dumb means meeting a girl as beautiful as Irene, she doesn't mind being dumb every second of her life then, yun ay kung araw araw, makikita niya si Irene. Irene only.

When her grandfather recovered from his illness, Seulgi's family flew back in Seoul. The first thing in Seulgi's mind that time is to meet Irene again. 

"I was about to give up that time kasi ilang months nga akong naghintay sayo nun. I'm so close on giving up, Seul. But suddenly you showed up. With your dog ofcourse that's when I didn't hesitate to approach you. Tulad nung ginawa mong pag-akusa sakin. I really thought that's a funny move. Things I do for you, Kang Seulgi! Be flattered."

Natawa na lang si Seulgi nung marinig niya ang sinabi ni Irene sa video. Lahat ng tao napatingin kay Seulgi. Naalala rin ni Seulgi kung paano siya in-approach ni Irene nung mga panahong yun. Tulad nung ginawa ni Seulgi (or pagkakamali) Iren

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