First Love


First Love


Yifan met an angel for the first time on a rainy day.

Yifan was waiting at a bus station, and he didn't have an umbrella with him. So, he was waiting for the downpour to stop. But rather than ending, it was increasing. It had already been ten minutes. He didn't want to get drenched in his fancy grey suit. But he also wanted to go home badly. So, he was contemplating whether he should run in the rain or not.

At that time, a bus stopped at the station. The bus was packed as it was the afternoon, and many people were coming home from work. But only one man got down from the bus.

Yifan fell in love for the first-time love with the said angel on a rainy day.

Yifan never believed in love at first sight. But, how could he not fall in love? That man was just ethereal. Even in the gloom of the rain, he was sparkling. Moreover, with his white button-down and black jeans and blond hair, he looked like an angel.

But before Yifan could do something or initiate a conversation, the said man ran away in the rain. And Yifan stood there with a dumb expression with a hint of lovesickness. In the end, Yifan came home after becoming a wet mess in the rain.

Yifan met his angel for the second time three months after that. This time he learned his name. It was beautiful, just like him. Junmyeon.

Yifan was waiting in the line for his daily dose of americano in his favourite coffee shop. While waiting, he was thinking of the angel again. There was not a single day since he met that angel (Yifan liked to think of him as an angel. Because he felt that man was too good to be true) where Yifan didn't think of him. After that rainy day, Yifan thought it was a mere infatuation. After all, he only saw the man once; that too was only for 1-minute max. They didn't even talk. How could it be love? But in these 93 days (yes, he counted), all he could do was think of his angel.

Just as he thought about what he should do when they would meet again (Yifan was sure they were going to meet again), the man in front of him turned around, and the person behind him pushed him. His mind went blank for a while. Sometime later, he found his sky-blue shirt drenched in coffee and his angel continuously saying sorry to him; after seeing the scene, Yifan's ability to speak ceased for a while. He never thought a man could look beautiful. But the man (or angel) in front of him in a simple yellow-black tee and black slack appeared so beautiful. Not only the man was nice to look at his voice was like he was singing. So, it is understandable that Yifan lost his ability to speak.

After he got his senses back and assured the man it was alright, they exchanged their names. Junmyeon wanted to pay for the dry cleaning. But Yifan said it was fine. But before he could further develop their conversation, Junmyeon got a call. He said he had to leave urgently, and he was gone in a second. Once again, Yifan stood there with a dumb expression with a hint of lovesickness. Well, he at least got the name. Better luck next time.

Next time came two months after that. Yifan's brother Tao's best friend Sehun was getting married, and he didn't have a ride to go to the wedding. The wedding was taking place on the outskirts of the city. So, he begged his brother to go with him. At first, he didn't want to. After all, he didn't know any of his brother's friends that well, and he didn't want to spend his weekend in a place full of unknown people. But in the end, Tao's sad face won, and here he was- in a wedding where he knew neither of the grooms. Yes, it was a gay wedding that Tao forgot to mention. He only came to know after being ditched by Tao and hearing it from a nearby conversation. He thought he heard the name Junmyeon being mentioned once or twice, but he didn't give it much notice. He was giving more importance to the colourful cupcakes in front of him. Then Tao came to him and dragged him away, saying the ceremony was going to start soon.

Yifan followed his brother and sat in the first row. While Tao ran away to be with Sehun on the stage. He saw Tao's friend, Sehun, standing on the stage patiently waiting for his partner. Sehun looked so handsome wearing a black tuxedo. He was smiling and whispering with his best man Jongin. Then came the announcement that the second groom was coming. Yifan looked back to see him, and everything came to a standstill. It was Junmyeon, his angel, his first love. He was looking beautiful as always (yes, beautiful. Yifan thinks that is the only adjective to describe Junmyeon) in a white tuxedo. He was blushing hard, and this time his hair was black.

He came near the stage, and Sehun held his hand. He was blushing more, if possible. Both the groom was smiling, and they had eyes only for each other. Just like Yifan had eyes only for Junmyeon. Yifan didn't know what to think or do. He stopped hearing anything that was being said in the ceremony. He couldn't believe his luck that his first love was getting married.

Suddenly everyone was clapping, and the couple was kissing passionately.

After a while, Yifan left the party and decided to go home. While coming back, it started raining. While looking at the rain, only one thought came to Yifan's mind.

Some people are never meant to be together, just like some stories are never meant to start.

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