Chapter I

Half of My Heart

After excruciating hours in the plane and car ride home she can feel the cramps building on both of her 
legs. The rain is not helping as well as the small tiger print umbrella she is using. All she want is to rest in 
her bedroom while eating fruits and maybe some soju. But here she is waiting for someone to open the 

It’s been 2 minutes now and the mosquitoes are gathering around, Seungwan is mad now and one 
more minute and she’ll breakdown the door.

And finally the door opens --- and she’s home. She’s finally home.
“Close your mouth and let me in, I’ve been waiting forever.”
“What are you doing here?” 
“When did you get home?” Joohyun asked. 
Seungwan just ignored her and 
make her way inside the Bae’s. This household has been her 2nd home since grade school and she’s 
always welcome here.

She spent couple of hours catching up with Joohyun’s sister Yerimie, father and mother. She’s gone for 
too long and she missed so much events and occasions. She mentally note incoming events that she 
can’t miss like Yerimie’s first high school volleyball game. Unlike Joohyun who is a center, Yerimie’s 
playing as libero. Their team will be coached by Johhyun’s father, this will be his last coaching team and 
will retire in 3 years.

“The rain has stopped, walk me out Joohyun.”

“You should have rest first, the souvenirs can wait until tomorrow, it’s raining and it’s late as well. Why 
do I need to tell you what you need to do? When are you…..?

Joohyun stop mid-sentence as she was engulfed in a tight hug.
“I miss you and you haven’t give me my welcome hug yet,” 

“I miss you too and you are suspiciously acting nice today. What prank are you trying to pull?” Joohyun 
is ready to throw hands at Seungwan. Hell, she’s gonna choke her and smack her if that’s the case. She’s ready to shout and kick and break Seunngwan’s 100 bones. But what Joohyun is not ready for is Seungwan hugging her tighter, followed by a soft kiss in her temple. She let Joohyun go and held her 
hand. It’s still the baby hands she left with some callouses from volleyball. 

“I did not renew my contract in US. I am staying for good.” Say something Joohyun, please.
 “And why is that?”
“Does it mean anything to you at all? Me staying for good?”
“I don’t know Seungwan .. “ 
“Are you not going to ask why?” 
“It’s getting late now, text me when you get home”
“I am home now. You are my home.”
“Good night Seungwan.”

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