bloom into you


seungwan struggles with keeping a succulent alive but it doesn't stop her from continuously getting flowers from the pretty florist down the street. and joohyun tries and fails terribly at subtly flirting with the blonde doctor who keeps coming in.

doctor!seungwan/florist!joohyun au


BOYYYYYYY. this took way longer than i ever expected. i think i posted the earlier half on twitter like way back in february and then i never came back to it. mostly because the sheer amount of research i had to do regarding flowers. but i pulled it out of the drafts recently and folks on twitter seem to really like it, so that was neat. anyway, here it is, after months of procrastination!!!

this was inspired by latte's art and another tweet but i think the author deleted their twitter,,, but it inspired the whole giving flowers based on their meanings thing!

thank you so much for reading, happy googling! though you're more than welcome to ask about the meanings of all the flowers too.

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