Summer Breeze Mini-Contest [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]


This is a Mini-Contest that revolves around Summer and the inspiration that can be drawn from it. It may be a dark or light story, depending on what you find appealing. 



• Must subscribe to this Mini-Contest 

• Be considerate and nice to others

• Stories must not exceed 10 chapters, but there is not a limit on the chapter length

• One shots are more than welcome 

• You may star any group from the list, regardless of if they have been chosen already 

• Hetero, and yuri all welcome, but no m-preg or . Also, OC stories are welcome, as long as you do star someone from a listed group.  

• Must be completed by October 11th, 2021

• You may enter with an old story, as long as it fits into the chosen box or image prompt



1st Place 
• 500 karma points 
• 1 hour advertisement of your story 
• 50 wall posts advertising whichever story you want 

2nd Place
300 karma points 
25 wall posts advertising whichever story you want 

3rd Place
100 karma points 

Deadline: October 11th, 2021


I would like to thank simple&clean graphic shop for the beautiful poster, background and banner. 


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