6 Genies = 6 Wishes


It was yet another Monday as I got awoken by my alarm. When I went out, some of the genies were already there.

"Good morning!" They greeted me brightly.

"Good morning." I greeted back.

I sat down on the sofa where Junhyung was seated.

"You're really popular with the blonde heads." He said.

"Huh?" I asked, looking at him.

"They won't stop talking about you at night."

I smiled and shrugged."We're just really close I guess."

He made a face and continued watching his show

"You'll be staying here when we go to school right?"

Junhyung nodded."Wait. That dickhead still goes to school?"

I frowned."Yeah, he's only 22."

"I'm 23 but I don't see myself going to school."

"That's your problem Junhyung." I stood up to go change.

"Hey, just so you know, I'm too smart for school."

I smiled."This coming from a high school dropout."

I heard laughter."High school dropout?"

"It's none of your business, dickhead!" Junhyung shouted back.

After changing, I said a quick goodbye before heading out to school with the genies. As I opened my locker, a piece of note flew out onto the ground. I bent down to pick it up, reading what is written on it.

"If you don't want any of your friends hurt, come to the school's rooftop during break and don't tell anyone."

Frowning, I was still figuring out who sent it and what it meant when the bell rang. Stuffing the note into my bag, I walked to class.

While in the middle of class, I took the note out and stared at it, thinking who might have sent it. It might have been a joke, or not. But just in case, I decided to go to the rooftop to check it out.

During break, I hurriedly made my way up, making sure I don't meet any of the genies. I opened the door and stepped out onto the rooftop, looking around.

"Uh...hello?" I called out, trying to find someone.

Just then, I thought I heard some rustlings coming from behind the pot of flowering bushes. Walking over slowly, I squinted my eyes to see if I can spot anyone behind it.

As I was nearing the pots, a hand was suddenly placed on my shoulders. I jumped up in fright and whirled around, spotting Yongguk and Himchan.

"Ah, you scared me." I told them, putting my hand on my chest.

"What are you doing up here?" Yongguk asked, looking around.

"Huh? Me? Oh, uh...just getting some...fresh air." I lied.

Himchan eyed me suspiciously.

"How did you guys find me?" I asked them.

"We spot you walking really secretly somewhere so we thought we'd follow you." Himchan explained.

I nodded in realization.

"Anyway, if you're done can we go and eat? I'm starving." Yongguk complained, already turning to leave the rooftop.

"Eh, yeah. Okay then." I said, following behind them slowly.

Before I closed the door behind me, I looked behind my shoulders one last time. Not seeing a single soul, I sighed and closed the door.

After break as I made my way back to my next class, I noticed a piece of paper stuck on it. As I came nearer, I figured it must be from the same person again.

"Don't say we didn't warn you."

I frowned, eyeing the suspicious note. Not having such a good feeling about this, I tried shaking it off and focused on the teacher's lecture.

School passed by fairly quickly and nothing has happened. When I reached home I was just sure that the notes must be a joke. I took it out of my bag, crumpled it and threw it away. Going to take a quick bath, I proceeded to do my homework deciding to do dinner for the boys later on.

Somewhere around 6, the door to the house opened and I heard hurried footsteps. My door opened and the genies came tumbling in, breathless and worried. I stood up from my chair.

"What's wrong? You guys looked like you just ran a marathon."

"Zelo," Youngjae said, stopping there.

I gave them a look."Please tell me he didn't take another sample again and got called into the police station."

Youngjae shook his head."Zelo, someone took him."

I stopped and looked at them carefully, taking in Youngjae's words.

"Someone took Zelo?" I repeated.

Jongup nodded."We were just coming home and Zelo said he wanted to go buy something. The next thing, we heard a shout and saw Zelo getting pushed into a big van and drove away."

Looking at their concerned faces, I started to grow worried.

"Then why didn't you follow?" I asked.

"It was too fast."

"Then you should have gotten a taxi and followed." I told them, my voice getting louder.

"We would if we knew where they were going." Himchan said.

"But you guys know! You said you guys can communicate with each other!" I pointed out.

"Not if the other genie is weak or unconscious." Yongguk looked at me gravely.

A dreaded feeling washed over me."You mean…Zelo's unconscious?"

Yongguk nodded."They hit him before pulling him into the van."

We stayed silent with just the genies staring at me while I stared back.

"Well, what are you waiting for? We need to find him!" I told them, grabbing my phone and heading out, them behind me.


extremely short chapter but like usuals, i'll make it up to you guys in the next ouo

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Wooo i know this story is from years ago but i found it by chance and let me tell you YOU ARE GENIUS.
I loved it so much that i read it in only 2-3 days(sorry was a little busy) and i was so sad it ended, but author-nim if you can read this comment i want to tell you that you are a very talented author ^.^.
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