My Little Girl


Miyawaki Hitomi. 


Sakura is someone who falls in love hard and quickly, but never has she fall in love this hard and quickly at the first sight.


At an understandably ugly being too.


“Hitomi?” Sakura repeats, blinking. “I thought we’re going to name her Da Hee.”


“I think Japanese name suits her better.” Chaeyeon’s eyes twinkled, releasing a staccato of short giggles when Sakura puts her palm under her chin, rubbing it thoughtfully. “With this, I can trust that you’ll take a great care of her, yes?”


Sakura reaches her hand, gently taking it up until her lips pressing against the back of her wife’s palm. It’s clammy and a little shaky. She pushes the strange feelings clawing her chest down and just focuses on the present.


We will,” she whispers, hopeful and desperate.


Chaeyeon only smiles, her hand grasping tighter.

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