And that's when Sunggyu walked in.


'So. Guess what? THE Sunggyu of INFINITE is transerring to MY school. Would you believe that?! I never thought I'd come within an INCH of him. Ever. I'd forever stay glued to the t.v just drooling at the sight of him. His hair, his eyes. HIS VOICE! It all drove me absolouley NUTS! I loved it!'

.. hm. no. that's how my friend Sae Kyung reacts when we even mention him. Me? Not a big fan. I mean, he's alright..and well, headmaster did ask me to show him around as I am 'his most promising student!' he says it like i'm his ONLY promising student. I'm flattered that he trusts me with this. But really? Looking after Sunggyu, THE Sunggyu who can have any girl drooling at his feet? (*cough*Any girl but me.) How could I decline?

Looked like fun

..Or so she thought.

Sae Ra has been told that a member of one of the worlds TOP k-pop bands infinite will be transffering to her school, to see how the 'public' way of education is. She is to show him around the dephts of highschool, him fully in disguise. Many of her friends are in love with him, won't they see through the ruse? She is not to tell anybody and shall treat him as any highschooler. All in five months. 

But, Sunggyu isn't used to the life her and the rest live, food you have to PAY for. Places you have to WALK to. Classes you have to be on time for. Rules you have to follow and as Sunggyu soon realizes people you have to hide from..


Hey, yes this IS my first story. I shall be working on it more in the days to come, but I cannot do so without any positive feedback^^*. So if you guys are interested, please do comment and I shall finish up the first chapter^^", k? Thanks!^^".

My inspiration came from every single one of you. To have time, to sit down and let your heart out in writing. I love you for that. 

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- Marnie

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JulietteStark #1
Ohh, I'm sure it'll be interesting! *A* Can't wait for first chapter <3