heart rend


the daughter of the olympian she fears the most is barging her way through the underworld, what's the worst that could happen to the goddess of the dead?

or a joygi persephone/hades au.


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some things to clarify, there's absolutely no in this. like greek gods were weIRd homie and i ain't about that ,,, genders aren't going to be accurate and some characters might,,, unconsciously,, be based off characters from hades the game so this could technically also be a hades game au but i dunno..! i've been drowning in greek myth brain rot for the past month and this is the product i guess! it kinda got to a point where i was like ehhh maybe i should just keep this in the drafts,,, but it's been marinating for 2 weeks and yknow what i'll just,,, leave this here ...! so thanks for reading!!


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