Make a bold move

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A/N: I’m really into Everglow, been a fan of them since debut and they’re a lovely group of girls who deserve the world, will protect them at all costs, and my ship from the beginning has always been Aisha/Sihyeon, it’s subtle at first but not impossible to spot their connection, plus they look amazing together as well, so I’m going to write fics for them! Sihyeon/Aisha enthusiasts wherever you are, rise with me :)

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Sihyeon was trying to make eye contact with her for the past ten minutes, the longest ten minutes of Yoorim’s life, or at least it felt like it, anyhow. The dark-haired girl sighs to herself, willing her fast-beating heart to calm down, because whenever she is near Sihyeon her heart starts racing to the point it feels like it’ll come exploding out of her chest. The funny thing is Yoorim doesn’t even think Sihyeon knows what she does to her exactly, or maybe she does know, and that’s why the older girl insists on being the possible death of her. Truth be told, they’ve been having a bit of a back and forth between them for a while now. Yoorim has no idea who started it, was it her, Sihyeon, both? Somehow, they ended up in this strange dance trying to see who would be the first to make an official move between them, so far there has just been playful banter back and forth. With no official move between them, Sihyeon isn’t hers, nor is she Sihyeon’s, Yoorim would just really like to be.


Sihyeon says something, something funny in her usual way that makes everyone laugh, and Yoorim can’t help that she laughs right along with everyone, because everything Kim Sihyeon does makes her weak. Things like her bright and warm smile that lights up her entire face, and especially when Sihyeon is being incredibly cute. Yoorim doesn’t understand how anyone as beautiful as the older girl, who has such an effortlessly y vibe to her can be the cutest being in the world too. Yoorim stops laughing, only because the brown-haired girl sitting across from her has finally caught her eyes, after trying for the past ten minutes.


“I thought you were avoiding me for a moment, Yoorim.” The brown-haired girl speaks, looking at her, finally catching Yoorim’s gaze. She has only been trying to get the younger girl to look at her for the longest time now. There are times where Yoorim really is the boldest girl in the world, flirting with her, getting into her space with the most confidence that Sihyeon has ever seen from another person, the kind of confidence that Sihyeon finds herself envious of, because in truth she isn’t all that bold. She wishes she could be more bold in the ways she has seen Yoorim act, and yet here the younger girl is avoiding her gaze, being adorably shy, it’s endearing. Sihyeon finds she really likes shy Yoorim very much. With that being said, as much as she does enjoy shy Yoorim, she kind of needs bold Yoorim to make an appearance too, because they have this back and forth game of sorts between them lately. A push and pull, where she makes a move, or Yoorim will, but then no one has done anything to solidify what they mean to one another, in short it’s quite frustrating.


“I’m not.” Yoorim looks into her eyes, that sharp gaze cutting through her, and now Sihyeon falters. The older girl has never out right told her this, but Yoorim has an intense gaze sometimes, one that makes her freeze, as if Yoorim can see through her soul, see through her, it makes her weak, makes her feel vulnerable, and sometimes that does not only attract Sihyeon but makes her nervous too.


“Could have fooled me.” Jiwon laughs, helping out in the situation.


“Yeah, could have fooled me too, Yoorim, with the way you were barely looking at our Sihyeon.” Eunji, naturally goes along with Jiwon, helping in her way, and that makes both Sihyeon and Yoorim groan mentally, with Yiren and Serim. It’s probably the worst kept secret that she and Sihyeon have a thing between them, everyone knows it, they might not openly tease the two about it all the time, but that’s because they don’t have to.


“It’s not Yoorim’s fault she has a hard time looking at Sihyeon.” Yiren nudges her best friend, and that random statement nearly makes the taller girl choke over her drink, as she was taking a moment to drink a sip of water. Sihyeon immediately moves to pat her on the back, getting to Yoorim faster than anyone else, which both amazes, and makes them all slightly tease more.


“Wife moves only.” it sounds like Jiwon, with Eunji laughing along.


“Cuties.” Serim can be heard too, but Sihyeon can only focus on the fact that Yoorim was nearly choking to death. Alright, maybe she isn’t necessarily choking to death, but she could have been.


“Are you alright, Yoorim?”

Yoorim pauses, for another reason. There’s just something about the way Sihyeon calls her name, her real name, and not the stage name. She could listen to the way her name rolls so effortlessly off the brunette’s tongue forever, like a tape recorder Yoorim would simply rewind over and over, without getting tired of.


“I’m f-fine, fine.” She repeats. “Yeah, I’m going to wash the dishes.” 


“But we’re not even finished eating yet!” several voices complain out, since there is still plenty of food before everyone.


“My dishes, but bring me yours when you’re finished.”


Yoorim decides to banish herself to the kitchen for a while, mostly to calm herself down from thinking of the fact that Sihyeon rushed to her side, her soft hand on her back, or the fact she called her name with such tender concern. Hell, at this rate she will stay in the kitchen washing all the dishes, she doesn’t even care.


“Our helpful, Yoorim, thanks.” Eunji calls out to her.


“More like trying to avoid Sihyeon.” Jiwon whispers to the second blonde beside her, not that she doesn’t appreciate having the dishes washed, because she sure does. She just isn’t stupid either. She, just like the rest of them, is witness to the tension between their group’s two members. Sihyeon very clearly likes Yoorim, who also clearly likes her, and they both really like one another, so why haven’t either of them done anything about it. The leader sighs, running her fingers through blonde locks. If they don’t get their acts together, maybe they’ll have to interfere, although Jiwon would hope they can handle it themselves.


“Why don’t you help her out, Sihyeon.” Serim smiles, handing over her now used dishes to the older girl.


Sihyeon looks stunned as not only Serim and Yiren too follow suit, handing her their used dishes. 


“Yeah, go help her.” The two younger girls look at her knowingly, obviously trying to set it up where she could be alone with Yoorim, and Sihyeon can only shake her head at the obviousness of it all.


“I was actually going to go help her, but thanks, guys!”


“You’re welcome!” They beam.


The brown-haired girl laughs some, and starts heading for the kitchen, not surprised by their friends of course. She understands their motives, as she herself is a bit frustrated with her situation with Yoorim too. She certainly wants more than what they currently have, which is nothing definitive. Why is it so hard to ask someone to be her girlfriend? Sihyeon supposes it’s because she really likes Yoorim very much, and she definitely wants the younger girl to ask her, because she has seen firsthand the way Yoorim can be. Whether it’s the way she boldly reaches for a hug when they’re out on stage, taking her into her warm arms, or randomly getting up to plant kisses on her shoulders, unafraid. It makes Sihyeon feel like the most special person to Yoorim, and it’s why she knows what they have between them is rather special too. Sure, Sihyeon cares about all of her group members, they are friends, and close.


But with Yoorim, it’s different. Yoorim makes her feel like the only girl in the world, with how she looks at her, how she treats her, and it doesn’t hurt matters that she is really very sweet too. Yoorim is kind, protective, affectionate, similar to a puppy, a human-puppy.


“It doesn’t help that she’s also very distractingly attractive.”


Truth be told, one of the first things that Sihyeon noticed about the girl, outside of the fact she was a bit taller than her, was her incredible smile, pretty eyes, and gorgeous features, she had a bit of an exotic look, an appeal that had Sihyeon naturally gravitating to her before she even fully realized it. Even now, she sort of stands there zoning out, looking at the slightly taller girl who is already at the sink washing dishes, how can she look attractive doing that, with her sleeves rolled back, hair into a loose ponytail, with that focused look.


“Oh, well, time to interrupt.”


“Yoorim,” the soft call of her name has Yoorim turn suddenly, and getting startled easily is not what you would associate with one Heo Yoorim. Easily, the boldest and bravest girl in the whole house. However, when it comes to Kim Sihyeon, there is no telling how Yoorim will react. She drives her crazy sometimes, she really does. The slightly older girl is standing there looking at her curiously, her big brown eyes seem to be analyzing her, and that makes Yoorim nervous.


“She’s not…” Yoorim swallows, because she also takes notice of the fact that Sihyeon has dishes in her hand, she surely hopes Sihyeon is only dropping those dishes off, and isn’t about to stand here with her to wash them too. That’s about the last thing she needs, the whole point of banishing oneself to another area in the house, is to get away. Kim Sihyeon is really her weakness, the beautiful older girl, with her cute but y face, that drives her insane, while they both navigate this situation between them. Yoorim is staring so long she drops the sponge into the sink and the water is still running.


“Yoorim!” Sihyeon hurries over. “Where are you right now, huh?” She laughs and taps her upside the head in an affectionate way. “It’s a good thing I’m here to help.”




Of course, Sihyeon is here to help, she would help. Sihyeon is the type to help if she can, she is naturally a warm, kind, and friendly sort of person. It’s one of the qualities about her that Yoorim noticed right away, how approachable Sihyeon is, and how easy it is to become friends with her. The older girl makes it too easy to feel comfortable with her, and the next thing you know, you’re at ease, laughing, enjoying her company, and possibly falling head over heels, or at least Yoorim fell.


“Oh, I’ve got it, Sihyeon. Did you even eat enough, why don’t you finish eating? Just bring me the rest of the dishes, when you’re all done.”


That’s her sweet Yoorim, concerned if she ate enough. Still, Sihyeon walks over to stand beside her anyway, gently bumping shoulders with her.


“I’m fine, and I’m going to help you wash the dishes. Jiwon and Eunji aren’t finished yet, so there will be more anyway, but at least we can get a start, right?” She smiles in that way that never fails to make Yoorim’s heart skip a beat.


“Yeah, sure.”


And that was how Sihyeon ended up helping Yoorim with the dishes, making sure to stand close, and Yoorim noticed, naturally. Sihyeon didn’t need to be that close to help her as she washed the dishes, and the brown-haired girl dried them, and she knew Sihyeon was doing it on purpose, especially when her hands would so casually brush up against her own.




“Yes?” She would ask in a not so innocently manner. Yes, she knew exactly what she was doing, but that was okay. Two could play at that game, they’ve been playing this game for the longest time now. 


“Want to watch a movie after this?” It’s not really what she was going to ask, yet wants to see the older girl’s reaction to her.


“With you, let me think? I guess I could be sleeping, or playing sudoku, or…”


Yoorim pretends to roll her eyes and puff up her cheeks in slight annoyance only to hear Sihyeon laugh before she pokes the younger’s cheek in affection. “I’m kidding, yeah, why not. We can watch a movie together.”


She watches the soft smile on Yoorim’s face, something small as watching movies makes her happy, and she’ll do so to make her happy. Besides, the best part about watching movies with Yoorim is sitting close to her, because the taller girl is in general quite clingy, so a Yoorim invested in a romcom for example will latch onto her even more.


“Great!” Yoorim flings some of the soapy water at her.


“Hey!” Sihyeon laughs, and flings some right back.


“Oh, time for a soap war!”


“You started it, Yoorim!”

They may have began playfully by flinging soapy water at each other, but somehow with the way Yoorim is looking at her again like she’s the only one, and she knows she’s looking at her with a similar look, they end up away from the sink and where Yoorim has her against the counter, her hands to her waist, and this is the bold Yoorim she’s been wanting to see for a while now.


“Kiss me,” The older girl thinks. She has to kiss her now, Yoorim must kiss her, they have to.


Yoorim bites down on her bottom lip, unintentional or not, it’s attractive and Sihyeon inhales too, Heo Yoorim affects her more than she should, but there’s not anything wrong with that.


“Sihyeon…” Yoorim whispers.


“Well, are you…”


“Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her!” The chants of everyone interrupt them so badly, that they pull away from one another quickly. They have an audience, of course, they aren’t alone at the dorm right now.


“Oh my god!” Sihyeon groans out loud. Why did they all choose now to interrupt? She was just about to feel Yoorim’s lips finally after so many months of this back and forth game between them, how dare they interrupt? 


“Seriously!” Jiwon groans too for a different reason.


“Well, they’re not going to kiss if we’re all watching like creeps.” Eunji says.


“I told you to wait before bringing your dishes to them.” Yiren mentions.


“You can just pretend we’re not even here.” Serim offers, unhelpfully, since it’s kind of hard to pretend they’re not here, and the moment is completely ruined. Yoorim simply brushes it off, grabs Eunji and Jiwon’s used dishes, and takes them to the sink too.


“No problem, guys. I’ll finish the dishes, Sihyeon thanks for helping me. But I’ve got it from here.”


“Are you sure?”


“I’m sure, why don’t you pick the movie for us to watch?”


She isn’t all that thrilled about being dismissed, since she was that close to getting a kiss. At the same time, Sihyeon understands since the moment was definitely ruined, and although their friends do apologize, and she assures them it’s fine. She can’t help that she looks back toward the kitchen, specifically to the dark-haired girl who is alone in the kitchen.


“Well, that could have gone better.”


Sihyeon decides to not let it get to her, there

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