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A very short YiZhan drabble
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Everything was ready for the next scene to be filmed. Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo were sitting in their actors' trailer, waiting for getting called, as they still had five minutes more of break.

As usual, they were joking around, teasing, bickering and praising jockingly each other. 
At Wang Yibo sending him a flying kiss, while pursing his lips cutely,  Xiao Zhan pretended to quaff his flying kiss, then broke into his famous wide bunny smile, peppered with high pitched cute giggles.

How to  resist those fascinating eyes, getting two crinckled half moons, how to resist that blinding smile, how to resist that sweet honey voice, how to keep resisting those alluring lips?
By the time, Wang Yibo's brain has finished asking those questions, his mouth was already plastered onto his co-actor's lips, without his brain's permission.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what got into me, I apologize, I just...", Wang Yibo stuttered, standing up hastily from the bench. "Why don't they call us? We should go anyway, I think the break is over..."

"Wait!", Xiao Zhan grabbed  his hand.

Wang Yibo was expecting for his ZhanGe to scold him, or even to slap him...
What was even going in your stupid brain, Wang Yibo?!

But then a totally  unexpected thing has happened!
"What took you so long?", Xiao Zhan whispered...Against his lips...

"C'mon gentlemen, the break is over!",

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Who do you think was the FIRST who made a move on the other one from YiZhan (XiaoZhan+WangYibo)?🐰🤟🦁



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Chapter 1: This was so cute🦁🐰 I was there was more.