Demon Rabbit

My Bunny, Irene
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A/N:  Hi and happy Seulrene day everyone. I’ve always wanted to do a fic like this  where the person finds a wounded animal and takes care of them. But of course the animal is actually a person who is usually a shapeshifter or demon or something. That’s why we have bunny Irene who is very possessive over her human Seulgi. Which it’ll be revealed later she’s a gorgeous demoness/shapeshifter, please enjoy.

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A small white bunny hops out of her purple cushioned bed and onto the bed of her human who is sleeping peacefully. The adorable little bunny nudges the dark-haired human with her nose.


“Seulgi.” She nudges her. “I’m hungry.”


The monolid human yawns and turns over in bed. The bunny frowns and nudges her harder this time. Her human always sleeps rather hard but the bunny isn’t worried because she knows she will wake her.




This time it works and Seulgi turns over and notices the small bunny. She smiles and pats her ears gently. The bunny immediately leans into the soft touch of the human she adores.


“What’s the matter, Irene? Hungry?”


“Yes, I’m so hungry.”


Seulgi could always understand her even though she can’t physically talk to the human. Seulgi gets up out of bed and reaches out for Irene to jump into her awaiting arms. This is one of her most favorite ways to travel and that’s in Seulgi’s gentle but strong arms. Irene can still remember to this day the nice and kind human who took her in.




Seulgi opened the door to her house one rainy night because she heard sounds of something that sounded like a wounded animal.The monolid woman found that she was right. There was indeed a small white bunny laying on the ground and it was clearly hurt. Seulgi bent down to gently try to touch the bunny but it flinched away not wanting to be touched.


“Hey, don’t worry. I can help you.” Seulgi says it in such a gentle manner that the little bunny peers up at her. There is something in the human’s aura that makes her trustworthy. The bunny settles down enough to let Seulgi pick her up. It’s clear that her leg is hurt and as the monolid woman helps to care and properly bandage her leg. The bunny keeps looking at her. She has never known a human to be so gentle.


“You should be fine soon, little bunny. I can probably get some medicine too from my friend Sooyoung because she’s a vet. Would you mind to stay here for a bit until you’re healed, hm?”


Seulgi chuckles in amusement and thinks she’s being silly because why would this bunny understand her. The bunny is certainly looking at her in a curious manner as if analyzing her. But that couldn’t possibly be, right?


“I’ll take that as you’ll stay until you’re healed.”


The bunny doesn't flinch away anymore and even allowed herself to be carried inside by the human. Now that Irene is getting a really good look at the human she is quite attractive with kind and bright monolid eyes, round shaped ears, pretty pink lips, and dark locks. Plus, Irene is picking up on a nice scent that is accompanying the human woman and she is very sensitive to scents, so it’s nice this human smells good.


“My name is Seulgi.” The human introduces herself. “I’ll take care of you until you’re all better….” Seulgi looks at the bunny and sees right away it’s a girl bunny and even notices a purple ribbon around its neck with a shiny medallion with faded out words that seem to be spelling out a name.


“I...I…” Seulgi tries to sound out what she sees. “Irene?” She thinks that’s what she can make out. The little bunny looks to be giving a nod and Seulgi gives a laugh and gently pats the bunny’s head.


“Well, nice to meet you, Irene.”




This was well over a year ago and Irene has become a permanent resident. Not that Seulgi minds her adorable companion at all. Irene is a very sweet and adorable bunny who greets her right away whenever she comes home. She always just seems to know how to cheer Seulgi up whenever she’s down. Seulgi noticed right away how the more comfortable Irene became with her the more affectionate the bunny became, and really liked just being close to her. Many times Seulgi would go to sleep alone and find Irene out of her own bed and sleeping nearby. There had been times the human tried to release the bunny back into the wild. But it also became clear that Irene wanted to stay and once Seulgi realized that she accepted she had a roommate. Sure, not a human one but a roommate nonetheless.


“Okay, Irene. What would you like to eat?” Seulgi carefully sets her down on the kitchen island nearby. The monolid woman has a friend named Sooyoung who is a veterinarian. She has taken Irene to her before and of course Sooyoung provided them with a diet list that was suitable to bunnies. It became clear that Irene had her own preferences, though and would even eat some of Seulgi’s food from time to time.


“Carrot cake, carrot cake!” Irene hops around then eagerly. She never had the chance to taste carrot cake before until meeting the human, and once she did she became somewhat addicted to the delicious dessert. Seulgi notices the cute sight of Irene hopping around in excitement and she pats her ears.


“You sure you want carrot cake this early?” The human wonders as she knows one of the few reasons Irene is this excited and carrot cake is usually one of them. Seulgi never expected Irene to taste the cake and love it so much. But it took only a few bites of the dessert she brought in for Irene to become addicted in a way. Seulgi was always worried that eating all the human food would hurt Irene in some way. But Irene was never sick and even the few times she took her to the vet she always had a clean bill of health, which brought Seulgi much relief. Irene stops hopping around and looks at her as if glaring.


“Carrot cake, now!”


Seulgi nods and gets the message clearly. “Okay, but not too much. It’s still pretty early.”


“Fine,” Irene thinks. She’ll compromise with Seulgi on this one as she knows her human is simply concerned about her. From the time Irene met the human she just felt the kindness in her aura. Seulgi takes care of her still to this day even when she is no longer injured. It’s part of the reason why Irene never wanted to go back to her own home when she had the chance. How could she possibly leave someone as kind and wonderful as Seulgi? She remembers one of the times after she healed up and Seulgi tried to release her back out there thinking it was what she wanted. But leaving Seulgi was never something Irene wanted and she did her best to show her that at the time.



It’s been a little over a month since Irene’s injuries were healed. The small bunny who appeared at her doorstep hurt and unable to move well is thriving now. She can hop around without any issues. Her full appetite is back and she is doing much better now as compared to before. As nice as it has been for Seulgi having her bunny companion. Seulgi knows it’s better to let her go back out into the forest. Irene would be happier in her original home, no? Seulgi told her that morning she would be taking her back and if the monolid didn’t know any better Irene didn’t seem all that thrilled by the news. If anything Irene appeared to be down and not her energetic self that Seulgi had come to know. Even still the human got her ready and prepared to take her back into the forests not far from her home.


“You’ll be much happier at your home, Irene.” Seulgi speaks to the bunny as she carries her. “Not that it hasn’t been really nice having you with me.”


The small bunny rests in her arms and makes no sort of sound or movement. Seulgi looks down worriedly at Irene. She’s not upset about going home is she?


“I don’t want you to go, Irene. But you probably should be back out here where you would be more comfortable.”


Irene turns away. She doesn’t want to go back home. She is happier with Seulgi and hasn’t ever been as happy in her entire life than she has been now that is with Seulgi. She doesn’t want to go and hopes she can get the human to understand that. Seulgi puts her down carefully on the ground and smiles sadly.


“Please go safely, Irene.” She tries to encourage her to go. Irene doesn’t even budge and sits there looking up at her. Seulgi tries again to get her to go but the bunny doesn’t move. Seulgi wonders if she should go first. Would that help smooth this along?


“I’m going to go first, okay? You really will be happier here. Take care of yourself, Irene. Try not to get hurt again, alright.”


Seulgi turns to go and doesn’t get very far as she hears hopping sounds. The next thing she knows the bunny has hopped around in front of her and standing up adorably on hind legs.




“I don’t want to leave you, Seulgi.” She hopes Seulgi can feel her thoughts. The whole time she has been staying with the human Irene has been understood by her. Irene hopes she is being understood now. Seulgi stands stunned for a few moments. It’s clear that Irene is trying to tell her that she wants to stay. She can’t ignore what the animal is trying to tell her by following her. The dark-haired woman kneels down and opens her arms for Irene to hug.


“Do you want to stay with me?”


“I do.” Irene wants to stay with Seulgi no matter what. The human smiles and nods in understanding. She wants Irene to stay too and now that she knows it’s what Irene wants. Seulgi will not ask her new companion to go again. Irene can stay for as long as she wants.


“Okay, Irene. You can stay with me. Let’s go back home together.”




After that was cleared up Irene became a permanent resident. Irene waits patiently now for her carrot cake, or rather as patiently as she can since she is very much in love with the dessert. Seulgi chuckles as she sees the bunny walking back in forth in anticipation. She rubs her ears with a free hand and slices a piece for her.


“It’s coming, Irene. Don’t worry.”


Seulgi puts the cake onto a purple dish. The human noticed early on that Irene seemed to love purple things. She liked the color so much that everything Seulgi purchased for her she bought it in purple. Things like her bed, food dishes, water bowl, blankets, and certain toys Irene seemed to enjoy playing with. Seulgi always found the bunny adorable when she would snatch anything purple no matter what it might be and hug it to herself as if claiming it.


“Okay, Irene. Breakfast time.” Seulgi speaks cheerfully and places the carrot cake down in front of her. The bunny simply dives in and begins to eat the dessert. She really is the most adorable thing ever to Seulgi.


“Let me get you some water.”


Seulgi gets some water as well and even though it doesn’t take very long to bring back some water most of the cake is gone. Seulgi isn’t surprised at all since she knows how Irene feels about carrot cake. In fact, there is actually a good reason why Irene has had her most favorite treat. Seulgi has something to tell the bunny and she may or may not handle it very well, so at least if she’s happy now things can be smoothed over a little. Seulgi hopes so because she has dealt with an unhappy and cranky Irene, so to speak.


“Was it good?” The monolid woman wonders as Irene finishes the entire slice of cake that she gave her.


“So good!” Irene hops a bit to show she is happy and content because she is full now. There’s nothing that could possibly ruin her good mood now that she has been fed. Or so she thought anyway as Seulgi says she has something she needs to talk to her about.


“I’m glad you’re full now, Irene. Can I talk to you about something important?”


“Oh no. What’s wrong?” The small bunny sits down completely and gives Seulgi her undivided attention. She hopes there’s nothing wrong with her human. Seulgi doesn’t appear to be sick or hurt in anyway. But she does look worried and anxious. Irene knows that when she nudges her in a certain way or comes closer to comfort the human it has cheered her up. Irene offers her a small pat with her paw against her arm. Seulgi smiles in thanks.


“Thank you, Irene.” It’s sweet that Irene is trying to cheer her up. Seulgi knows that if anything after she shares the news Irene might need some immediate cheering up.


“Okay, so here’s the thing. You know how I have that promotion at work recently?”


Irene knows as she has heard Seulgi speak about it a lot. She has overheard the monolid woman in conversations with people over the phone about her recent job promotion. Seulgi even shared the good news with her too when she found out. Irene was just glad to be with the person she loved more than anything else and celebrating with her. The thing that Irene doesn’t understand is what does Seulgi need to talk to her about in regards to that?


“What’s going on?” She wonders and waits for Seulgi to simply say what it is.


“Okay, so because of my recent job promotion. I have to go away for work. But it’s only for one night and I’ll be back the next day. I won’t leave you here by yourself, Irene. Sooyoung, Yerim, and Seungwan will stay to take care of you.”


The bunny’s eyes widen in horror as Seulgi tells her this. It’s the worst news she could hear. First that her Seulgi is leaving her and that she has to spend any time with those three. Irene can’t take those three. She understands they are Seulgi’s friends but she doesn’t like them. She remembers one of the last times she had to be subjected to the other three humans.




Seulgi knew Irene wasn’t happy at all. She clung tightly to the human’s arm and refused to let go. Seulgi just wanted her to be able to spend more time with her friends in the event she has to go somewhere and doesn’t want for Irene to be alone.


“Irene, surely you can get along with one of them? You don’t like Sooyoung. You don’t really like Yerim, and you don’t seem to like Seungwan all that much either. But maybe if we all hang out together it could make some difference?” The monolid woman says hopefully. Irene looks up at the human with those bright eyes full of rage. How can she even think that plan would work? If she doesn’t like her friends as separate people why would she like them as a group?


“I just want it to be us, Seulgi. I don’t like your friends.”


Seulgi gently rubs her ears in an effort to help calm her down. It’s one of her weak points too and Irene settles into her arms slightly. It only works some because she can spot the other humans in the distance. They’re meeting at the park as Seulgi thought being outside would help.


“Hi, Seulgi.” Sooyoung greets first. She is the taller of the three and the veterinarian friend who helped treat Irene before when she was injured, or rather she tried because Irene was not an easy patient to treat.


“Hi, Irene.” The taller woman greets the bunny. Irene simply turns away from Sooyoung and snuggles into Seulgi further.


“Well, it’s better than when she tried to bite me.” She sighs.


“I’m not even talking to that demon rabbit.” Yerim speaks from beside her wife and that makes everyone laugh. Everyone except for Irene who sits up and readies her paw like she’s about to attack.


“Oh, you’re lucky I can’t really hurt you right now!” Irene’s mind rages.


“Be nice, Yerim.” Seulgi says. “My Irene is the sweetest thing.”


Hearing that makes Irene settle immediately. She adores this beautiful human so much that no matter what happens as long as she’s with Seulgi she supposes she can tolerate these friends.


“No offense, Seul. But she’s only nice to you. She hates all of us.” Yerim explains. “Go ahead, Seungwan. Say hi to Irene and see what happens.”


The other woman looks reluctant just as much as Sooyoung did. She smiles and tries to pat Irene who bares her teeth.


“Don’t try it, hamster-woman!”


“S-Sorry!” Seungwan says nervously. “I’m just going to go sit down over here, yeah. Far, far over here.”


“See, what did I say. You have a demon rabbit!”


“She’s not. Irene just takes time to get used to new people that’s all.” Seulgi defends her. “Now, how about we sit and have lunch, alright. Does that work for everyone?”


Irene looks at the other humans with suspicion and they look back at her with the same suspicious gazes. Seulgi seems to ignore it, though and sits down with Irene in her arms.


“My poor oblivious, Seulgi.” Irene sighs.




The day was a bit of a disaster to say the least. Irene doesn’t care for Seulgi’s friends very much. She simply prefers to be with Seulgi only. The last thing she wants is to be watched by the three of them. For that she would rather stay here by herself and wait for Seulgi to come home.


“I don’t like this, Seulgi. I don’t like this at all!”


“I know, Irene. I know you don’t like this.” Seulgi gives a nod and rubs her back in a comforting manner. “I just don’t feel comfortable leaving you here alone, even if it’s only a overnight trip. Please understand and don’t be too mad with me. I’ll be back before you know it.”


The way the rabbit is looking at her makes Seulgi feel like she is sending her the coldest of glares. The dark-haired woman knew Irene would be upset when she told her.


“I’ll bring you back a whole carrot cake.”


Irene perks up some when she hears that. She is still not happy about this and hops away from Seulgi who sighs.


“I should have expected that.”


Irene settles into her cushioned bed and tries not to think too much about the bomb that Seulgi had just dropped on her. She needs the appropriate time to prepare for Seulgi’s friends coming over. Irene thought maybe she’d have a some kind of time to prepare mentally for her friends. Irene wasn’t ready for Seulgi telling her even more bad news.


“You’re leaving today!”


“I’m leaving today.”


Oh, now Irene is angry. She is one angry bunny and she has no choice but to headbut Seulgi or try anyway. She rams her head into the dark-haired woman’s arm. It doesn’t actually hurt Seulgi but she gets the message loud and clear.


“I’ll be back first thing tomorrow. You won’t even have time to miss me.”


“Liar, I’ll miss you.” Irene simply climbs into Seulgi’s arms then as even though she is upset. She would much rather be hugging her human than not getting any last minute contact at all. She’s going to miss Seulgi and will hate that they have to be apart, even if it’s an overnight. The two of them have not really been apart before. Not including the times Seulgi is at work she and her human are always together. How is she supposed to survive a whole day and overnight without her most favorite human? Worst of all she has to deal with her friends at that.


“They’ll take good care of you, Irene.” Seulgi assures her and looks sorry. Seulgi looks genuinely sorry and Irene knows she probably doesn’t want to be going away for work at this time. Irene decides she will not be angry with Seulgi as it’s not her fault. She sits close by the dark-haired woman as she packs a small overnight bag.


“Don’t forget your neck pillow.” Irene nudges her and Seulgi right away grabs her bright orange neck pillow for her flight just in case she should need it. Irene has always been amazed how Seulgi seemed to be able to understand and hear her. Even though technically she shouldn’t be able to in this form. Now Seulgi looks at her and sees a cute and adorable bunny, because that’s the form she is in and has been stuck in from the time she was injured. The truth of the situation is a bit more complicated than that. In reality, Irene isn’t technically a bunny. However, it was the form she shifted into in order to protect herself when she was injured. Irene was so badly injured that she could not shift back into her more humanoid form for a while. It has also been some time since she has tried and because she fears scaring Seulgi. Irene hasn’t tried to shift back and has remained like this. It’s hard to be stuck in this rabbit form too as her feelings for Seulgi grew with time.


Irene wants to be with Seulgi and she knows that she can’t be with her in this form. It’s her hope that she can turn back and confess what the situation is. Hopefully, Seulgi won’t be scared too badly when she’s able to admit that truth. For now she watches as Seulgi finishes packing up her bag and takes it downstairs. She returns and hugs Irene to her for a warm hug that is accepted right away.


“Everything’s going to be alright, Irene. Y

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