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Still a newbie at the Hangeul language? Wanna learn more about it? Need a tutor? Or lessons? Or maybe just by learning online? Well, you don't need to wait anymore longer. I'm here to give out tutorials and help you to improve your Hangeul skills. Either the basics or any level you're at, there's always time to learn more and explore the world of Hangeul wordings.

This is not a request shop. I'm only here to give out tutorials.



Jihyun's Time Alone.

Hello there! I'm your tutor, Jihyun. 17 years of age (International) and I'm half Korean myself, so it's easy for me to communicate with others. This is my first ever tutorial shop so please give me some support and cooperate with me. If there's any mistakes, I apologize for that since English isn't really my first language so I hope you can bear with me.

I work alone in this tutorial shop, so please be patient.

While you're learning, don't forget to also have fun.



Jihyun's Hopes.

o1 | By at the end of each chapter update, I hope that you guys can learn more about Hangeul.

o2 | Improve the pronunciations.

o3 | Know the proper ways of using them.

o4 | Get to know the world of Hangeul.

o5 | Fulfil your dreams of learning the Hangeul words.



Language Jump.

Chapter 1; About Hangeul

Chapter 2;

Chapter 3;



Have Fun (;

— Yeah, see that? It's super large so that everyone can read it.


P/S: A huge thank you to iam_mrssimple @ Vida Graphic Request for the beautiful poster and background. Pretty right? You guys should request from her! :DD

[StudyKorean] Guys, guess what? I'll be updating on 08/07! Weeee. ^^

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I only know how to write and read! XD
but cannot translate it. XD

15 streak #2
Chapter 1: omg, patiently awaits the new chapter :) please update.
patiently waiting for you to update more
[deactivated] #4
YAY! thank so much for creating this! i can finally stop procrastinating and learn korean xD
BubblesSweet #5
Hi there! I can read/write Hangeul already 8D but I still don't know what they mean or how to rearrange a sentence in Korean D: Although I only understand less than 80 korean words, mind helping? ^^
beautifullyswagx #6
annyeong~ i can only remember few hangul letters...but those are the ones in the word 'i love you' lol. so i only know a few characters
Subsribed! Woo-hoo!!
Subsribed! Woo-hoo!! XD
I know some korean words but i can't remember Hangeul. (They are the letters of the Korean language right?) Please update soon cause i really want to learn Korean :3
red-phoenix #10
I'm half Korean as well