When I Find Love Again

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Baekhyun wake up from coma with his memories of 3 years ago, only to find a man claiming to be his husband by his side.


Written for Baek Bit Fic Fest Round 2!

Original author's note:

It had been a gruelling 2 months as I wrote this fic. I tried my best and hopefully I did this prompt justice?
I'd like to thank my beta E and my friend H for reading this through and giving comments on it while pointing out my mistakes! Tbh, I never expected this fic to be so long...

Though I cried blood (metaphorically) while writing this, I really enjoyed the process and I hope you guys will enjoy it too!

(Do ignore any plot holes cuz I'm really bad at pre-planning lmao)

New author's note:

Thank you to everyone who had shown love to this fic! This is really the fic that I'm proudest of and I hope you guys love it the same~

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