Vampire tail


time for a vampire/witch/school story \(*0*)/  so am kpopidol fan and I wonder who should I put as my main herooo/boy I write some but didn’t decide yet! Any suggestions are very welcomed 


Enjoy reading... :)


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Alice94 0 points #1
Chapter 23: Loooooooooooooove it ?????????????????????
T_dxng #2
Chapter 18: What...just...happened...
T_dxng #3
Chapter 16: I find it kind of funny how chanyeol is worrying about Baekhyun and Minseok, especially baek, just because he thinks something's going to happen because of him since Baekhyun can actually defend himself...
T_dxng #5
Chapter 15: Omg is some following them :/
T_dxng #6
Chapter 14: Awww so cute !! :3
Chapter 12: Love this story and Happy New Years ^^???
T_dxng #8
Chapter 11: I feel like Kyungsoo’s going to get wide he’s following them... idk
How come Kai and Do aren’t friends anymore, I wonder what happened
I hope they make up :)
What are Kai and Baek planning to do???
T_dxng #9
Chapter 10: Chapter 10: Omg it’s Kai ?!
He doesn’t know Baek’s a vampire right
What’s going to happen ???
T_dxng #10
Chapter 8: Omg are the hunters actually going to get them ??!