Family Outing and Dorm Decorating

Annyeong Family!

F(x)'s Side:

Krystal left early that day too meet Sehun at Lotte World


"Hey,let's make a bet with Amber" Sulli told Luna while smirking
"What kind of bet?" Luna asked
"If you and I could rap to Key and Minho's rap in Amigo while in sync.Then she would have to dress girly" Sulli smiled
"What would we have to do?" Luna asked her while she took a sip of her drink
"Then you and i would have to dress like a tomboy" Sulli told Luna 
"Yah! really now?" Luna asked as she was against to dressing tomboy
"What I'm bored" Sulli said
"Argh fine let's go" Luna said as she went to go find Amber
"AMBER! let's make a bet" Luna called out
"What kind of bet?" Amber came out of the kitchen
"If Sulli and I could rap to Key and Minho's rap in sync to Amigo then you'll have to dress girly.Vice versa for us,so do you accept?" Luna asked
"Yeah sure,but i know i'll win" Amber smirked
"Well lets see about that" Sulli told Amber while reading looking over the lyrics
"Okay we'll start now" Luna said as Amber began playing the music and Luna and Sulli started rapping

Hey, I don't know you
Keunyeol moreujiman keunyeoreul weonhae
Nareul bburichyeodo keudael jinjjaro weonhae
Namjadeureun modu jimseung neukdae gatdago
Eommadeureui gyeongheomdameun midji mallago


Michin mimogajin neoneun sungbae bada maddang! 
Yeongweonhi nae gyeoteseo sarangbada maddang! 
Eoreumbari seorin nune himeul pureojweo
Ijen nal jikyeobwa matgyeobwa
Turn it up, girl~

Sulli and Luna finished their rap and Amber had open,she didn't know here members wuld be able to rap like that
"Were we good?" Sulli asked
"YES! OMG how'd you guys learn how to rap?" Amber asked
"Key oppa!" Luna replied happily
"No wonder! But you guys won fair and square so I'll dress girly" Amber pouted
"Girl's let's go to Sehun and Krystal's new dorm and help decorate with Exo" Victoria came into the room very jumpy
"YAY! now we can dress Amber girly" Luna and Sulli squealed
"Eh? Girl?" Victoria asked while tiliting her head
"So we made a bet between Amber that If Luna unnie and I could rap to Key and Minho oppa's rap in Amigo then she would have to dress girly and we won" Sulli started jumping
"Well then let's get started we only have half an hour before the manager comes to pick us up" Victoria said 
"Amber sit down and I'll do your hair" Luna told Amber and Amber immidiately obeyed and sat down
"I'll put extensions in your hair" Luna said while she walked away to grab extensions
"I'll do your make up" Victoria came out of her room with a make-up
"But unnie,I'm not going on a date" Amber whined
"But this is apart of your bet and dressing girly meant putting make-up,fixing your hair,and dressing in very girly clothes" Victoria said while smiling and applying make-up
"Okay,I will curl your hair after i put the extensions on" Luna said as she started putting the extentions in
"Unnie,is this outfit good enough?" Sulli asked and she held up a floral top and shorts
"Shorts?! no no no no" Amber declined
"Too bad it's apart of your bet" Sulli smiled
"Why did i agree to the bet?" Amber pouted
"Yeah that's good enough Sulli" Luna smiled
"Okay I'm finished with your make up" Victoria smiled
"Can I see please?" Amber asked
"Of course,here" Victoria handed Amber a mirror
"OMG, is this me?" Amber gasped at her now girly look
"I'm finished with your hair now go put on your clothes" Victoria pulled Amber out of her seat and pushed her into the bathroom
"I so want to see Exo's reaction" Luna laughed
"So how do i look" Amber came out of the bathroom
"OMG! Is that really Amber?" Victoria,Sulli,and Luna gasped
"Do I look weird,I'll go change" Amber was about to walk back into the bathroom until
"NO! You look great.Come on unnie let's go.The manager is here" Sulli said while dragging Amber out of the door
"Yah! what took you girls so lo-.Where's Amber anbd who's this?" The manager looked at them
"I'M AMBER!" Amber shouted and the managers eyes popped out
"Why is Amber dressed like this?" The manager asked them
"We made a bet and Amber lost" Victoria replied
"Oh well that's cool" The manager opened the van door for them and they all got in
Exo's P.O.V
"Yo! Let's go to Sehun and Krystal's marriage house now" Luhan shouted to everyone
"Do we have to?" Tao and Chanyeol whined
"F(x)  will be there" Luhan said while smirking
"LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!" The whole Exo shouted except for Luhan who was covering his ears
"So loud! Tsk Fan boys!" Luhan yelled
"Says the one who loves Victoria Nonna" Lay said teasingly
"Argh! Let's just go" Luhan said as he went out of the dorm
"We get to meet F(x) sunbaenims" Tao said jumping up and down
"Come fanboy let's go" D.O. pulled Tao out of the dorm who was still jumping
"Yah! stop jumping you know you're taller than me" D.O. yelled 
"Fine! I'll stop" Tao pouted
"No! Hyung don't do that" Kai covered his face with his paper
"Why can't i be cute?" Tao pouted even more
"Because you don't match hyung,just stick to your manliness" Kai said 
"Fine! then that means i can do this" Tao head locked Kai
"Y-YAH,HYUNG MY HAIR!!!!!!!!!!" Kai screamed
"Say that i can be cute anytime i want or i will not let you go!" Tao threathened Kai
"Fine! You can be cute eanytime you want to!" Kai shouted and Tao let him go
"Good boy!" Tao said happily
"Come on you two we have to go now so we can greet our sunbaenims first!" Cris shouted to the both of them who were still in the lobby and they both walked as fast as they could or should i say ran to the van
"I can't wait to see our sunbaenims!" Baekhyun jumped up and down in his seat
"Aish Luna lover" Kai  said while playing a game on his phone
"YAH!" Baekhyun smacked Kai in the head hard
"HYUNG!" Kai whined like a little kid
"Never tease me again" Baekhyun said while smirking
"Look we're here!" Lay pointed and everyone got out of the van and walked up to the camra people
No One's P.O.V
"Exo you're here! now intorduce yourselves" The PD noona said and Exo faced the camera
"Annyeonghaesyo Exo imnida" The members of Exo bowed
"Are you happy for the maknae?" The PD asked
"Of course we will support our Sehun and new sister-in-law Krystal" Xui Min said happily
"Look another van is here!" Kai pointed at the white van
"Who is that?" Lu Han asked and 4 girls stepped out
"F(x)!!!!!!!" The boys shouted happily and started jumping up and down like little kids in a candy store and F(x) walked up to them
"Annyeonghaesyo F(x) imnida" All of F(x) bowed
"Noona who is that?" Chanyeol asked Victoria and pointed at Amber
"Annyeonghaesyo Amber imnida!" Amber bowed and all the guys mouth just dropped including everyone on set except for F(x) who was laughing
"AMBER?!" Kai shouted
"What" Tao started
"Happened" Lay continued
"To" Joonmyun went next
"Your tomboy style?" Luhan finished still will his mouth opened
"It was all a bet" Victoria smiled
"Yeah,we made a bet that if Luna unnie and I could rap to Key and Minho's rap in synce then she would have to dress girly" Sulli told them
"But we rapped to it in sync and clearly so she had to dress girly" Luna eye-smiled
"Yeah it's true" Amber said pouting and Exo laughed
"You all could go inside now that you're all here,but you have a mission card" The PD told them as she handed them a card
So F(x) and Exo you two will be in charge of decorating the new couples dorm.Surprised guests will stop by  to help out.Good Luck ! Oh and make sure to decorate the baby's new room.Good luck you have 8 hours before the couple comes back from their family outing ^^
"Surprise guests? Hmm i wonder who that could be" Kai said while tapping his chin
"Come on little Taemin" Luna pulled Kai by the shirt while a bunch of camera men followed them and they all went up to the condo
"OMG! Their condo is really big!" Victoria gasped
"All of SM's artists,trainees and staff could party in here" Luhan said while looking around
"Even my house wasn't as big as this" Victoria said while she put her bag down on the counter
"No your house was bigger unnie,it was two stories" Amber said
"Well then,should we get started?" Victoria said
"Okay so Xui Min,Kai,Chanyeol,Baekhyun,Joonmyun,D.O.,Sulli,and Luna will work on decorating the whole house.All of the decorations are in the room over there" The PD pointed a room next to what will be Krystal and Sehun's room
"Victoria,Chen,Amber,Tao,Cris,Lay,and Luhan will work be going shopping for the couples new house which was just plain with the furniture need but they needed a lof of things like food,shampoo,soap,and other essentials
"Now get started right now it's 12 P.M. and the couple will be home at 8 P.M." The PD told them and the Victoria's group left to go shopping while Xui Min's group went straight to decorating.A few hours later SNSD members Jessica,Yuri,Tiffany,and Seohyun arrived with all members of SHINee,Yesung,Leeteuk, Donghae,Siwon,Ryeowook,Yunho,and Changmin came to help out and believe me or not they all went kookoo bananas when they saw Amber.Then the story had to be told once again
Meanwhile at Lotte World~ during filming time
Krystal was waiting for Se Hun at the front door to Lotte World.When a random little girl that looked about 3 years old  with a hello kitty backpack came up to her and tugged on her jeans
"Yes may I help you?" Krystal bent down and smiled at the little girl
"Here" The little girl smiled and handed Krystal an envelope
"For me?" Krystal asked and the girl nodded then Krystal opened the envelope and it said
Krystal this is your daughter ^^ Just wait for Sehun here,for now just bond with Oh Sejung 
"Annyeonghaesyo Sejung,I'm Krystal umma" Krystal smiled and bent down to the girl's eye level 
"Krystal umma?" The little girl smiled
"Yes I'm Krystal umma" Krystal smiled showing her eye smile
"Umma!" The little girl smiled and hugged Krystal
"Hehe,you're so cute" Krystal picked up the little girl
"How old are you Sejung?" Krystal asked the little girl
"I'm three!" Sejung held up her three small little fingers
"Ah! so cute" Krystal smiled
"Krystal?" Se Hun called and both Krystal and Sejung looked
"Umma whose that?" Sejung pointed at Se Hun
"Umma?" Se Hun asked confused
"Se Hun this is Sejung our child for the show" Krystal smiled
"Sejung this is Se Hun appa" Krystal told Sejung
"Appa" Sejung smiled and tried to reach for Se Hun
"I think she wants to go to you" Krystal told Se Hun and he took Sejung and held her in his arms
"Annyeong Sejung" Sehun smiled
"Annyeonghaesyo Sehun appa" Sejung smiled and toched Se Hun's nose
"Sha'll we go in Krystal?" Sehun asked 
"Yeah let's go" Krystal smiled as she went to the booth and when she was about to pay until Se Hun took out his wallet
"I'll pay" Se Hun said as he handed the lady the money and the lady smiled at the cute family
"Here's your tickets" The lady smiled and gave them their tickets
"Kamsahminda" Krystal smiled and walked in with Se Hun and Sejung
"What rides should we go on first?" Krystal asked 
"It's all up to Sejung,what rides do you want to go on Sejung?" Se Hun asked Sejung
"That" Sejung pointed to the carousel
"Okay let's go" Krystal smiled and the three of them rode the carousel
Skipping to after riding all the rides~ (LOL I'm too lazy to name rides xD,forgive me)
"Umma,appa I'm hungry" Sejung pouted and Se Hun chuckled and picked Sejung up
"What do you want to eat?" Krystal smiled 
"Hmmm anything as long as I eat with umma and appa" Sejung said happily
"Haha you're so cute" Krystal told Sejung as she pinched her cheeks
"Let's go see what they have at the food court" Se Hun told the both of them and they all walked to the food court
Kyaaaa~ It's Krystal.Who's that boy.Is that Exo's Se Hun.OMO! They have a kid.Whoah! so young
"Should I be worried or ignore them?" Se Hun asked Krystal
"Just don't make eye contact with them they will probably spread crazy rumors" Krystal sighed and the just walked to the food court 
"So what do you want to eat Sejung?" Krystal asked Sejung
"I want chicken nuggets" Sejung said happily
"What about you Se Hun?" Krystal asked Sehun
"I'll get whatever you're getting" Se Hun told Krystal
"Can I have 2 hamburgers with fries,2 fruit punch,and a chicken nuggets kids meal" Krystal told the cashier
"Okay will that be all?" The cashier asked 
"Yes that will" Krystal smiled
"That will be $15.95" The cashier told them (LOL just making up random prices) and when Krystal was about to get her wallet out of her bag Se Hun payed
"Huh? I could've payed for it" Krystal told him
"But I'm the guy here and you're the girl,what kind of man would I be if I let you pay?" Se Hun told her reassuringly and Krystal just smiled
"Miss,your food is ready" The cashier called and Krystal went to get the food while Se Hun and Sejung went to go find a seat.
"Here you go sweetie" Krystal smiled as she gave Sejung her chicken nuggets and juice
"Thank you mommy" Sejung said in English
"Whoah! she can speak English?" Krystal turned around to the PD who was behind her and the nodded
"I can speak English mommy" Sejung said happily in English
"What is she saying? Is she swearing to us in a different language?!" Se Hun asked dumbfounded and everyone laughed
"No she said kamsahminda umma in English" Krystal laughed and Se Hun nodded while he took a bite of his burger
"How did your members react to you getting married?" Krystal asked Se Hun as she took a sip of her drink
"Well it was pretty hilarious especially when Tao went into umma mode" Se Hun chuckled
"Tao? Umma mode? How?" Krystal laughed at the thought of Tao turning into an umma
"Well he started fake crying on Cris hyung's shoulder" Se Hun told her
"What about the other members?" Krystal asked
"They were jumping up and down,very crazy ahjumma hyungs" Se Hun shivered and Krystal chuckled
"So how did F(x) members handle it?" Se Hun asked Krystal
"Well they were very calm and happy but they didn't go crazy,but Amber she was jumping around" Krystal laughed
"Umma I'm finished" Sejung said happily
"Good girl!" Krystal smiled as she took Sejung's empty food box and put back on the tray with the rest of the hamburger wrappers and soda cups
"I'll go throw that away" Se Hun stood up and took the tray to throw away the trash and when he came back Krystal turned to the PD and asked them a question
"What will we do now?" Krystal asked the PD
"Well you have 2 more hours left,you can walk around Seoul and go shopping if you want" The PD told them and they both nodded
"What to do you say,want to go walk around and go shopping?" Se Hun asked Krystal 
"Sure let's go" Krystal smiled as she took hers and Sejung's bag while Se Hun carried Sejung,they left Lotte world and walked around Seoul and did some shopping.They recieved a mission that said they had to buy family shirts for the three of them.After that they went to go get ice cream and sat down at the bench at the park where light were different colors and Sejung was staring up at the beautiful lights that hung around the park.
"Here's another mission" The PD handed them a mission card
Annyeonghaesyo Krystal and Se Hu,did you have a good family outing day with Sejung today? I hope it went well,now it's time for you three to move into your new house.Here's the address XXXXXXXX.
"Come on Sejung let's go" Se Hun and Krystal stood up and when Se Hun tried to pick Sejung up she shook her head
"No,I want mommy to carry me now" Sejung said as she waved her little arms in the air to signal Krystal to pick her up
"Come here then" Krystal smiled as she took Sejung in her arms while Se Hun carried their bags and they started walking to their new house.While Se Hun and Krystal were walking home and talking Sejung put her head on Krystal's shoulders as she fell asleep.
Meanwhile at the dorm~
"WHAT?! They're almost here!" Everyone was doing final touches on the dorm
"They're coming up!" Seohyun alerted them as she came from the balcony
"Okay we're finished!" Everyone went into the Kitchen and ducked down while Jessica just stayed in the doorway with the lights off
"YAH! Jessica come here!" Tiffany shouted softly
"But I'm her older sister" Jessica replied softly.Then the door slowly opened and Jessica quietly ran into the kitchen
"Now you come?" Tiffany softly whispered and Seohyun covered and the lights in the hallway and living room
"Wow! it's so pretty" They heard Krystal's voice
"I'll go put her down" Krystal said as she went to look for Sejung's room while Se Hun went touring the house until he opened the lights in the kitchen and got the shock of his life and jumped
"WHAT THE-!!!!!!" Se Hun shouted as he saw everyone all cramped in the kitchen
"ANNYEONG!" They all said together while smiling and getting up
"What happened?!" Krystal asked worriedly and saw all of F(x),Exo,SHINee,TVXQ,Jessica,Yuri,Tiffany,Seohyun,Leeteuk,Donghae,Siwon,Yesung,and Ryeowook staring at herr while smiling
"When did you all get here?!!!!" Krystal shouted loud enough for Sejung to hear and wake up and walk out of her room
"Well we were asked to decorate your dorm and your member asked us for help" Jessica smiled at the sight of her little sister and new brother-in-law
"You are all so-" Then Krystal got cut off by Sejung
"Umma,what happened? and who are these ahjussis and ahjummas?" Sejung rubbed her eyes while Se Hun and Krystal started laughing while everyone else were in shock as they were called ahjussi and ahjumma.
"Sweetie,you're awake" Krystal picked Sejung up
"Sejung they're not ahjussis and ahjummas" Se Hun told Sejung
"Thank you!" Leeteuk shouted
"Yet" Se Hun smirked and everyone gave him death glares
"Haha! I'm joking" Se Hun laughed
"You better be" Joonmyun said while slapping his head
"Don't hit appa!" Sejung yelled at Joonmyun and Se Hun sticked his tongue out at Joonmyun
"Did I just get scolded by a little girl?" Joonmyun said dazed
"Yeah you did" Kai said while patting Joonmyun's back
"Awwwh! she's so cute" Jessica said while walking up to Sejung
"What's her name?" Victoria asked
"Her name is Sejung" Krystal smiled
"Come to aunty Jessica" Jessica said while reaching for Sejung but she buried her head into Krystal's neck
"She's shy" Krystal told jessica as she patted Sejung's back softly
"I have a lollipop" Jessica bribed Sejung as she showed the lollipop to Sejung
"Umma can I have the lolllipop from aunty Jessica" Sejung asked Krystal and she nodded while Sejung went to Jessica
"How old are you?" Taemin asked Sejung who was eating her lollipop
"I'm three" Sejung heald up her three small fingers
"You're so cute" Key pinched Sejung's cheeks
"Come to uncle Yunho" Yunho smiled brightly and Sejung soon got comfortable around everyone that everyone got to hold her.
"Well I guess it's time for us to leave now,bye Sejung" Jessica smiled as she pinched Sejung's cheeks
"Bye aunties!" Sejung waved at SNSD
"Bye unnie,thanks for coming" Krystal said and she hugged her sister and the rest of SNSD tightly 
"Se Hun take care of my little sister or else" Jessica said in a scary tone
"Neh noona! I will and thanks for helping" Se Hun smiled as he patted Jessica's back
"Bye everyone!" Seohyun,Jessica,Yuri,and Tiffany waved to everyone
"Bye noonas" Se Hun waved to the rest of SNSD
"It's time for us to leave now" Onew told them
"Us two" Yunho said
"Us three" Leeteuk told them and everyone laughed
"Thanks oppas for coming" Krystal told SHINee,TVXQ,and Super Junior
Thanks for coming and decorationg hyungs" Se Hun told the guys 
"Take care and bye Sejung" They all waved
"Bye uncles" Sejung waved and now it was just F(x) and Exo left
"We'll have to go now" Victoria said standing up with F(x)
"We will go too" Lu Han stood up with Exo
"Thank you for helping unnies and oppa" Krystal bowed
"Thank you for helping noonas" Se Hun bowed
"YAH! what about us?" Kai stomped his foot
"Thank you hyungs" Se Hun smiled
"Remember to take care of Krystal and Sejung,You better treat them right before I-!" Then someone inturrupted Sulli
"Don't listen to her! she's crazy" Luna laughed
"Wait unnie who's that?" Krystal pointed to Amber
"It's me Amber~!" Amber pouted 
"OMG!" Se Hun and Krystal said in sync
"Long story short,it was all a bet and I lost" Amber pouted again
"HAHAHAHA" Krystal laughed
"Not funny!" Amber stomped her foot
"Okay okay i'm sorry I'll stop" Krystal laughed
"Oh yeah all of your clothes are in your drawers already" Victoria told them
"Okay thanks noona" Se Hun smiled
"We also bought you food and other things for your new couple house" Xui Min told them 
"Kamsahminda oppa" Krystal smiled
"Okay,we're going now.Bye Krystal,Se Hun,and Sejung" They all smiled while waving and heading out the door
"BYE!" The family shouted and waved 
"CUT! Good Job ! Tomorrow will be a fun day so get a good rest.Bye Sejung,you're so cute" The director smiled and left with camera people.Now it was just the three of them
"Umma,appa can I sleep with the two of you in the bedroom?" Sejung asked and they both looked at eachother and nodded
"Yay! Let's go" Sejung smiled and she took Krystal and Se Hun's hands and walked with them to their bedroom and they all went to sleep peacefully
Finally haha! I'm tired nao xD I'll probably do a Valentine's Day special if i have time.Thank you for the comments and new subscribers,Saranghaeyo <3 :D
btw i dislike Valentines day for some odd reason >.<
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