3 person point of view


Inside a training room two guys are fight while a feminine guy are punching a karate dummy and younger tomboyish girl are doing the same. The guy and the girl are Pi YaNuo and Pi YuHan, they are siblings. YaNuo are the older 'brother' and YuHan are the younger sister. The Pi family have a secret, YaNuo are not a boy, he is truly a she. And that is because their parents got a fortune teller to predict how her future would be, but at the time they thought that YaNuo was a boy, so when they found out the she was a girl, the future that the fortune teller had predict was turned around. He said that if she stayed was a girl she would die a young age, while if she was a boy until her 26 birthday, everything would be okay. So she has ever since her birth had to act and dress as a boy until her 26 birthday. Her little sister's situation are a little different, she doesn't have to dress as a boy, she just thinks it's more comfortable. 


Back to the siblings, while they are training their teacher ask YaNuo to fight the guy who won the other fight. "Hey YaNuo gege, I go change" YuHan says to her sister and start walking towards the changing room while YaNuo fight. After she has change she walks out to fine YaNuo already done, so they walk together to their food truck that they own together with their friend Liao Guangchao. 


While they are making some hotdogs, three girl walks up to YaNuo, "Please take this food/drink/gift" they say holding out things to the older sibling , she takes them and says thanks. "Ahh he is so handsome" the girls says while giggling. "But for the next time don't buy me more things " YaNuo says confusing the girls, "it makes my girlfriend jealous" she says, "you have a girlfriend" they ask sadly, she nods but gives them all a hotdog as a Thanks for the gifts making them happy again. They then walk over to YuHan, "hello Girls how are you this fine day" she says with a sweet smiles as she greets the girls. "We are good, we wanted to ask if we could get a hug" one of the girls asked shyly as the other two nods. "Of course you can, you just have to ask" YuHan says happily and give all three girls a hug making them giggle. "Thank you, bye" they say as they walk off, " such sweet girls" YuHan says with a smile going back to work as Guangchao move to stand on the left side of YaNuo. 


"Pi YaNuo in what are you superior to others, that even after rejecting them. They can still leave overjoyed saying 'wow Pi YaNuo is so good looking' I'm dumbfounded, you look so greasy and your skills are only basic. What right do you have that you can have the best if both worlds?" He says jealously making the siblings smile. "What right do I have? It's because I'm good looking" YaNuo says, YuHan laugh at their conviction. "Liao Guangchao do you know what you lack." YaNuo ask, "what am I lacking?" Guangchao ask wanting to know her answer. "You lack.."YaNuo starts to say when YuHan interrupts "God's help" she says making fun of him, YaNuo nods agreeing with her sister. Guangchao sends a look at YuHan making her put up her hand in defense. 


"Look like you have to wait for true love for the rest of your life" YaNuo says seriously and turns back to work. "I..I need to wait for true love!" He says surprised "as a friend, when you talk, don't go to such an extremes, okay" he says irritated.  "You're speaking of me like I'm some kind of bad fruit trying to abduct good fruit while waiting for true love" he says. YaNuo looks back a him "you are" she says, "he is right, woman are there to be courted, not to be meddle with" YuHan says with a knowing look. " so please shut your beak" she says seriously move her hand look like a birds mouth, "what is that" he ask confused. "Your bird mouth" YaNuo says shocking Guangchao, "fine Pi YaNuo and YuHan, today will I Liao Guangchao scratch your face and stab your eyes out!" He says right to fight, YuHan shake her head and smile.


Suddenly the sound of a car hitting something is heard making the three friends look foreword where a silver car and bike are. A guy, who are later known as Du ZiFeng, gets out off the car and walks over to the fallen man to help him , when the man attacks ZiFeng with what looks like a knife, ZiFeng avoids it and looks at the man with irritation. The man tries to get him again but ZiFeng punch and then kicks him making him fall backwards. The a mini van arrives and eight gets out and surrounds him, one of the men are bold and seems like the leader step forward and looks ZiFeng over and turns around and makes them attack.


"He is good" YuHan says impressed with the ZiFeng's fighting skills. "his moves are unique" YaNuo says also impressed while Guangchao looks scared. In the fight ZiFeng gets kick in the back making YuHan and YaNuo wanna help him, but Guangchao stops them. "Hey wait, What are you two doing!" He ask, "helping" they say. "There are so many of them, how are you going to beat them?" he ask. Thy look back a ZiFeng seeing him throw one of the men at three other men, one man tries to get him from the back, but ZiFeng sees it and punches him three time. While he get the man on the ground two other men goes to attack. Thinks it's time to help, "that's Du ZiFeng, the boss of a triad. It's a feud between the triads" Guangchao says then seeing his two friends run off towards the fight he yells their names.


They get the two men by the shirts and pulls them back, while YaNuo kicks and punches one of them, YuHan do one of the martial arts move she know. The move gets ZiFengs attention, 'he is good, they both are" he think get back to the fight. After getting back up YuHan looks at ZiFeng, they both think that the other are interesting, they look away to see that they are surrounded. "Hey you two, this is none of your business so get lost" he says. "It our business when there are so many guys against one, it's cowardly" YuHan says with a smirk, "if you wanna take action, then bring it on" YaNuo says with a smirk of her own. The bold man the men attack again, while fight YaNuo gets ZiFeng away and punch one of the men trying to hit him. YuHan makes him take her in his arms and swing her around kicking the three of the men. And then move over his back and kick another in the face.


YuHan looks at ZiFeng again, he looks back at her, she gives him a smile. The bold man gets his men into the mini van and drives off. Guangchao runs over and starts to look them over to see if they are hurt and keep asking if they are. "Shut your bird mouth, we are fine" YuHan says to him with a smile, he gives her another look making her raise her hands again in defense. 


ZiFeng take a better look at the two people who helped him, one a little taller then the other has brown hair in a sort cut with a gray zip jacket with a white shirt and a staff. The shorter one has black hair, a cap on, an open gray shirt with a black undershirt, the gray shirt's arms are rolled up so ZiFeng can see his tattoos. 

"Thank you" ZiFeng says getting their attention, "no problem, it's just a small matter" YaNuo says. "Du ZiFeng" he says holding out his hand to a handshake, YaNuo is the first to shake it tell him her name, "Pi YuHan" She says shaking ZiFeng's hand while looking him in the eyes with a warm smile.

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