The Other Side of Dr. Baek Seung Jo


This is my first complete SeungJoXHaNi one-shot from the drama Playful Kiss. I got inspired to write this fanfic when I re-watch Playful Kiss YouTube Special Edition 5. If you haven't watch it yet, please do. It's so cute. Nomu kyeopta~

You're really encourage to watch this video before you proceed with this fanfic so that you won't get confuse. But if you don't really care, suits yourself silent readers :)

Last words, do enjoy the story. Comments n thoughts are welcomed and LURVEDDDD!

Love, SHA <3



This is fan-made sequel to Playful Kiss Youtube Special Edition 5. Enjoy <3


Dr. Baek Seung Jo


Nurse Oh Ha Ni


Patient Bong Joon Gu




Oh Ki Dong (Appa)


Further detail, please go to this website --->

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Love, SHA <3

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Chapter 1: was a nice one...keep it up! Fighting!!!
Chapter 1: Omg!!!mindblowing one shots..seriously got to see another side of baek seung jo :)
Chapter 1: Ok...... I LOVED THIS STORY SO MUCH!
It was perfect!!! And I loved the fact that Seung Jo was jealous and showed that!!!
Thanks for writing this ^^
Kiomeeka #4
Chapter 1: I agree with lonergirl. I loved your story but the Korean words stuffed me around. To not disrupt your stories flow you need to pick a language and stick with it.
Chapter 1: The story was great, though there were some grammatical error, but it was understandable.. The thing is that, I was distracted by the Korean words and phrases (though some are translated), I couldn't understand a single thing written in korean words since I am a JDrama/JPOP fan myself. I just stumbled upon this Fic and it caught my attention. It was sweet, romantic, and ALMOST perfect. I LOVE IT.. ♥♥♥

[deactivated] #6
Omg !!! Plz make more !!!!! My eyes are teary at the end !!!
Awww! It was so sweet that I cried!!! :')
Joyvin #8
Aww, so sweet ^^
leeminchan #9
Omo!Super love this story... I want to read this over and over again.. Hehe!<3 ...MORE MORE MORE!<3
babymickey98 #10
OH MY GOSH!!!! SO NICE!!! i want to cry at the end!!! so sweet