Snowy Mountains


Sehun, why the are you driving on mountains?!” Luhan yelled in panic when he saw the car going up and up riding on dangerous mountains.

Sehun smirked, teasing the boy further. “Well I said we were going to mountains for skiing, did you forget again?”

Luhan screamed as Sehun rotate the car to go up further for the way was made this way.

You bastard wanted to kill me?!” Luhan cry in panic, eyeing the dangerous road cautiously.

Sehun fastened the car to creep Luhan out even more making him whine and punch the window.




Title: Snowy Mountain

Genre: fluff, adventure and a lot of cursing.

Length: One shot.

I’ve written this before for jingle bell selu festival. It’s really lacking in so many ways so keep your expectation low… maybe to a cockroach size?


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bunnyhun94 #1
Chapter 1: Aigoo this is such a cute fic, I really loved Luhan‘s attitude xD
158 streak #2
Chapter 1: Luhan is really drama queen and annoying :D :D but he's cuteeeeeeeeeeeee <3
but finally Luhan confess his feeling for Sehun,,,he's so slowwwwww~~~ :D
I am happy they're together <3
this fics so funny with Luhan nagging and frustrate Sehun :D
Thank you for write this^^