project swiss.
founded on january 28 2018
Posted on january 28, 2017

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two. this is a project about collaborating so let's all be nice together. give constructive criticism and don't bash, respect others !
three. you have to be able to pass your parts on time and to also follow instructions given, if there are any. remember, communication is key.
four. must have at least a decent microphone. earphones are fine. as long as you're not using laptop mics as a source, you're fine.
five. don't be afraid to show your works! post them on the team chat so our team can check it out.
six. must have the discord app on your phone or pc. Swiss has a designated Discord Server where we do all of the team's meetings, chat and discussions plus announcements.
seven. and last but not least, have fun!

Posted on february 2, 2018
Posted on january 27, 2017

credits to CUTE BUNNY MULTI-SHOP for advertising us! Go check em out!

Posted on feb 2, 2018

project swiss is a startup project created to form collaborations with different singers around the internet. our main goal is to release well produced covers and to also help singers who want to develop their singing techniques. we promote training sessions and would love to know what each member wants to partake in, to enhance their skills. the project will focus on k-pop and making english versions of kpop/jpop/cpop songs for the time being and will progress to different genres when the time comes. join us, and let's shine together.

Posted on january 28, 2017
Posted on feb 23, 2018
how to be part of the family

first. make sure to read the rules!
second. you can join our family by either applying as a staff or trainee, or both! forms : trainee or staff
three. after submitting the form, please drop a comment with a song you want project swiss to do along your expectations for the project !
five. after we read your comment, we'll give you a link to join our discord app where you can join collabs and participate in training sessions.

Posted on january 30, 2018


third week's songs are out, voting ends on 29/05/18 so send in your votes today!

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starlightunibebe #1
Hi, Saebyul here~ i just applied hehe. I love covering girl groups songs, so i hope there'll be songs from gugudan, WJSN, LOONA, (G)I-dle, Red Velvet, BlackPink etc open soon for collabs :)
Hello, this is Kimmi. The reason I joined is to improve and find a more active covering community seeing as most of the covering threads on AFF have been MIA. I'd love to cover most girl group songs tbh, but if I were to suggest something, maybe a song by Snsd or Blackpink?
72 streak #3
I can't sing:') but this sounds really interesting!!
Hello this is Sowon! Happy to be able to join da fam! Hope to meet new people, new friends and also improve in my skills! Still learning and growing, not amazing but I do have that passion as a shower singer. xD
I'm on for any new things, new adventures definitely the new songs and genres.
But if I have to choose any song, it'd be any EXO song because I IS TRASH FOR EXO. Sorry I had to :") pls luv mi. Thanks yall!♡
40 streak 3 points #5
Chapter 4: Wooaaahhh!!! I was touched by that Miracles in December ♥♥♥
40 streak #6
Oh yheahhh!! The layout's lit! But us is litter!! HAHAHA
Hii, i'm Melody~
I'm looking for honest feedback tht can help me improve. One that says I if I really do . Hahaha
Also hoping this will be the kind of ent that releases great collab that is well mixed and everything and does things on time. Heheh.. But listening to the Bad boy cover, the mixing sounds great :D
At this point I'm fine with any song.. I do like remixes, mashups, and remakes or acoustic renditions of songs.
40 streak #8
Hi I'm Jane. This is my first time to join this kind of ent. /project. I've been searching for this kind of chance to improve my skills and discover moreof my talents and now I came to find one. Looking foreward to this^^

I'm into soul, ballad, r&b genres but any song genre will do as long as it would match my voice there.
217 streak #9
I'm Ha Ye Na
Improving my singing is one of my current goals and I think it might be better to do it with other people so I joined :)
I'd like to suggest ballad songs for collabs like That Man by Baek Ji Young or We Should Have Been Friends by Gummy. Stuff like that, because personally I haven't been in such types of collabs :D
hellooooo UWU this is yeon that just applied :))
during my time, I look forward to improving myself vocally and mentally, especially in my emotions while singing :)) honestly I'm trash but I really look forward to working with you guys!!
I enjoy singing a bunch of genres lol tbh I like everything :))

and ps while I've joined quite a bit of entertainments already, none of them have offered any constructive criticism so I'm really looking forward to that, bc it's what I really need

pss I just really need some friends in my life, thats all TT_TT pls accept my love ^~^