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"Let's go Tae unnie, i know you didn't like party but please this time.. for me please?" - Yoona begged as she pulled her petite friends to her car.

"Yah Yoona, let me go. If you want to go there, go with Sunny or Tiffany but not me!" - Taeyeon whined as she pushed Yoona hand from her but didn't bugged.

"No, please unnie... for the last please? I want you to meet someone." - Yoona groaned and not get patience, she dragged Taeyeon to her passenger door and pushed her there. She ignored her friend pleaded.

As she get inside, her shoulder being punched. 

"Yah unnie, it's hurt.. why are you so violent?" - Yoona hissed as she rub her shoulder because of pain.

"It because of you. I don't want to go there, can you understand me Yoon? I hate club! And i don't want to meet anyone!" - Taeyeon pouted and folded her hand to her chest.

"I know unnie... i know.. it's because of your damn boyfriend right? Can you move on unnie? It already a year. He didn't even love you. So, please move on." - Yoona said as she stare at her friend who was stubborn like a kid.

"I can't Yoona. I can't. He's my life. I know this sound is stupid but i still love him." - Taeyeon said as her eyes shed a tears and began to cry. Yoona felt guilty and rubbed her unnie's shoulder.

"I'm sorry unnie. I just want you to have fun. Forget him and move on. I know it's hard to forget about someone who already with you almost a year but you have tried to forget him. I don't you to be sad again unnie. It's hurt me if i saw you like this. Please unnie?" - Yoona pleaded. Taeyeon sniffed and sighed. She nodded her head while wipe her tears.

"So now, we have fun tonight alright? I will help you to forget him okay?" - Taeyeon nodded again and began to smiled.

'Yeah, i'll try to move on. Please, let me be happy this time' Taeyeon thought.




Taeyeon and her previous boyfriend, Jung Ho Joon (Korean model from Taeyeon's mv FINE) already broke up for almost a year but she still didn't move on because she still love him even he dumped her. But her friend, Yoona always told her to move on but still she didn't even try. 

So, Yoona bring her to the club and want her forget about him and introduce her to Yuri, her other friends also her boss where she works.

Kwon Yuri who known as Yuri, was a business women. She work to her own company and also the richest women but didn't rude like a other rich people. She has the kind of women. Who have a pure heart, but strong women, has handsome but a beautiful face, mature and didn't like cheating. 

She's also like women and hate a men. She's didn't have any relationship. She still single since her kid.

But after Yoona introduce Yuri to Taeyeon, she felt sparkled and make a bold action to her because she want to get to know her. 

Taeyeon first didn't interested on Yuri but after that she felt different and want to get to know her also.

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Bumella #1
Chapter 2: Aigoii tae is akiddo here..haha yoona is,like her guardian
Chapter 2: Ahh! Too short, but very lovely, I'm readying myself for their love to blossom.... Aww!
31 streak #3
Chapter 1: Why did i got a notification saying that this story is updated?
Bumella #4
Chapter 1: Thx for the first chapter.. aigopp tae is so stubborn
31 streak #5
Chapter 1: I think It'll be more interesting if u add yoontae tag up there
31 streak #6
Yeaaay another Yultae story!
Chapter 1: Amazing waiting for more but Tae is so rude to Yuri, I know she'll calm down with time.

Please update soon, and that yoontae moment was so cute, I'll love a yoontaeri triangle but I'm sure yoona only likes Tae in a sisterly way.
Yultae is my weakness, then taengsic, please update soooooooon.