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Located in a place far away from any of the cities, far away from everyone else. There is an island called Bedevil ; the place where all criminals lurk around. The murderers, the robbers, everyone that has commited or even attempted a crime. The misfits, the ones that wouldn't change. The town people, the teachers, the students. They were the menaces to society, according to South Korea's government ; so all of them were shipped off somewhere - an unknown island that only South Korea knows about. There, they stuffed all the people they didn't want to be seen. Bedevil was their little city, made just for people like them.


one. IC drama is welcomed and highly encouraged, OOC drama - however - will not be tolerated.
two. There is no dating ban, meaning you are welcomed to be in a relationship at anytime. Marriage between students are not allowed.
three. All faceclaims are welcomed, however underage idols are not allowed to be involved with of any kind. 
four. Bullying is allowed, however, if the bully victim says to stop then stop as told. If you are seen continuing to harass the character - you will be kicked out and blacklisted. 
five. Face chasing is not allowed and will not be tolerared.
six. Being a literate roleplay, one-liners will not be allowed. If seen doing so, a warning will be given and if continued - you will be blacklisted. 
seven. Be active the first three days of your arrival ; After the first three days, we require you to be active for at least two days per week. Activity will be counted as just having a green dot beside your name or dp changes.

eight. Accidental Pregnancies and every other kind of pregnancy is allowed - even between students. Just be sure to inform an admin. MPREG and pregnancy among two females are included. If planning on having children, be sure to interact with them and do not use them as just an accessory. 

nine. Inform an admin if you are leaving or taking a hiatus. If done without informing an admin, you will be blacklisted from the roleplay. 
ten. We run on a 3 strike system, so make sure to follow the rules carefully. 

eleven. Students are required to attend at least two classes in two weeks, while teachers are required to teach at least one class in two weeks. 

how to join

one. Subscribing is mandatory, while upvoting is highly appreciated.
two. Please fill in the forms listed below according to the role you wish for.
three. When you finish filling in the form, comment below - " {your username} has finished applying and understands the rules of the roleplay} "
four. After you're accepted, you have 72 hours (3 days ; GMT-8) to add the admins. 
five. Once accepted, you will be given a post on your timeline before being added into the groups. Read it carefully and do the given instructions. or else you will not be added into the groups.
six. Thank you for applying and we hope to see you soon!

` Student Application 

` Teacher / Staff Application
` Townsfolk Application


January 6th, 2018 :  Grand Opening

MAIN ADMIN - Ivy Blanche De Lis

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