i'm currently looking for someone to roleplay literate plots with me. (heads up, i'm not actually quite used to plotting but i'm here to learn!)
please understand that as we are going to do literate plots, replies won't be the fastest and i'll understand if you don't reply for a while as well. 
if you have your list of plots, we can also work with that, however i will have my own list and we can work with that as well. ( and non- as well)
i'm currently on line, kakaotalk and i also have a freelance facebook account. i'd much rather prefer to use my facebook account since it's easier but kkt and line are also fine with me. i also have a kik account we could roleplay on as well, though i'd still prefer facebook.
i'd also much rather doing as i don't have a lot of experience doing straight/yuri however i would not mind doing straight plots if i am the girl.
i'm looking for just a general plot that may or may not lead up to romance (depending on what kind of plot it is) but i do not mind as well.
if you're not one to plot, i don't mind if you just hit me up and we can just roleplay however. 

some faceclaims i'm comfortable playing as: males- longguo, donghan, hyunbin, yoongi, jungkook, taehyung, winwin, jackson, minhyun, jr, daniel, moonbin.
females- irene, wheein, solar, yoojung, doyeon, eunha, roa, pinky, mina, sana, momo.

also, i am a gmt +8, and i don't mind what timezone you're in. 

your faceclaim must be 18+, especially for rated plots.

i'm generally a 3rd pov semi-para, but i can mirror the style you're writing in, however i'd much rather writing in the style i usually do if we plot. 



au ideas: 

single parent!au
arranged marriage!au


plots and prompts: 
1. A and B have known each other for a long time, however due to work (or something else) A had to disappear from B's life. During the time of A's absence, B gets pregnant (one night stand, or something else) and gives birth to a child. A finally comes back into B's life and becomes A's child's godparent, taking care of both the child and B. Due to the large amounts of time A and B spends together, will there be a spark between them? What if the father of B's child comes back?

2. Red String of Fate: Where soulmates have a red string attached to their pinkies, connecting them to their other half and the string becomes hotter whenever their soulmate is around. Only you can see the string but the end can never be found unless you finally met your soulmate. However, the ends of the string can change. What happens if you finally meet your soulmate and settle down, only to find the end of your soulmate's string doesn't connect to you anymore?

3. Let's play a game. Let's sweet talk. Let's play fight. Let's talk 24/7. Let's tell each other good morning and good night every day. Let's take walks together. Let's give each other nicknames. Let's go on dates. Let's talk on the phone all night long. Let's hold each other. Let's kiss and hug. And whoever falls in love first? Loses.

4. A simple WGM plot

5. A and B pretend to date as a stunt their companies thought up of to make their groups gain more popularity. (Idols au) 

6. A owns a florist that B frequents, getting flowers for (their deceased parent, current partner, something else) but for some reason, B suddenly stops coming. A has a little crush on B, despite knowing they have a partner (if the second option from above) and sees B in a nearby coffee shop. Not giving up the chance, A decides to approach B. What happens next?

7. A has always had a crush on B ever since high school and even went to the extent of making sure to attend the same college as B. A and B are close friends and A continues to have a crush on B even when the latter gets a partner in college. B takes care of A really well and says to themself that it's because they're friends and that's what friends do. But what happens when A starts falling out of love for B when B finally realises their feelings for their friend? 

8. A's pet goes missing and B finds it near their house. Deciding to take the animal in to take care of, B soon falls in love with the adorable animal. A continues searching for their pet tirelessly, putting up signs around the neighbourhood which B sees one day. B soon gives the pet back to it's rightful owner but he continuously visits A's house to play with the animal. Other than the relationship between B and the animal growing, the relationship between A and B develops also.



9. A and B have been friends with benefits for a long time, but A falls in love with B. However, ever since the beginning, B has already said that there will be no emotions attached to whatever they do and if any emotions do develop for the other, they'll have to break things off. Not wanting to things to end there, A decides to keep quiet of their feelings. But what happens if an "I love you" slips out during a session in bed?

10. A is the CEO of a big company and decides to hire B as an assistant, but not the usual kind of assistant. 

11. A and B are a couple that always fight...which leads to amazing angry .

12. A breaks up with their partner and gets drunk at a bar, meeting B there as well. The tipsy A starts yelling at B and B
(a) gets angry and yells back at A, although they're complete strangers, starting a weird friendship between them where they both go out to drink together which always leads to them yelling at each other. While drinking one day, however, A mistakes B as their ex and kisses them. B, who has always had feelings for A, kisses them back, which leads to other things, even though they know they shouldn't be taking advantage of the drunk A

 or (b) stays calm at the fact that A is yelling at them when they don't know who each other are. B doesn't know where A lives so they decide to take A back to their apartment and tucks them in but when B's about to leave the room, A grabs onto B, pulling them down onto the bed and kisses them.



If you're interested, please comment or pm me with this format. 

1. your fc:

2. who you'd like me to be:

3. which plot you're interested in:

4. preferred format + id:

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my fc : Dean
your fc : irene
which plot i interested : No.3 for plot & prompts
preferred format id : kakaotalk : captainxxxn
facebook : Mason Lee
kimsunhye13 #2
choiza/dean/jay park
plot #11
kkt: trollstice
multipara/1st pov or whatever you prefer
moonlxght- #3
anyone tbh but I only do
kkt: bunnyhime
3rd pov, actions/para
Thotjoah #4
My fc: Dean
Your fc: irene
Plot: 3
Line: yungkth
3rd pov para but it all depends on the situation
fc mine and yours: any bts pairing you want
plot: 10
kakao uppsalas
I tend to write 3rd and multi para as well