Yulsic one-shot angst! Hope you like it, I've really worked hard to write this story! Enjoy~ please vote and sub this story up .


Yuri is never tired, she was never tired of Jessica.

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Chapter 1: Yuri.I feel the pain.Are you numb?
How can you still love her?When she's in love with someone else already.
I want you to be happy too.I feel the pain. T.T
I want you to be needed by Sica not because she have no one to turn to but because she loves you.
kwonyy 33 streak #2
Chapter 1: well i hope a sequel...but yuri already have another girl in her life...so sica only yuri friend...becos i fell hurt authornin
myniah09 #3
Chapter 1: please make a sequel, I'm feel so bad for yuri, can you atleast make sequel about yuri love jessica but only as a friend, but yuri want to help jessica to raise her baby,
Chapter 1: I feel so hurt for Yuri. T_T