write with me, please.


ok so ive been really wanting to write and plot with someone and there aren't so much literate and/or au rps and if there are, it's not so active? and here i am, making one of these ads. please hear me out. i'm going to keep this short i promise.

  1. timezone is gmt plus eight. i really dont mind what your timezone is!
  2. i usually mirror my partner's writing style though i do prefer third pov or para. warning: my replies are very lengthy uh so it might take me awhile to give you a reply because i really want to make sure it's good enough. dont worry, i dont take a in week but it might take, at most, 2 days? 
  3. im flexible when it comes to genres! though i do prefer au than non-au. some fav genres to name: fantasy, angst, drama, fluff
  4. as for my orientation, i'd say hetero. i'd also love to do platonic plots!
  5. is fine although not necessary. 
  6. im also pretty down for casual talk? we can talk bout... idk.. vines, books, movies? also i love rabbit sessions and we can watch movies on there maybe
  7. i do both male and female fcs! here's a list of some of them
    • male: winner's mino, wanna one's minhyun or daniel, dean, nam taehyun, and a handful of ulzzangs.
    • female: kim chungha, jeon somi, bp's jennie or lisa, aoa's mina, and a handful of ulzzangs.
  8. as for platforms, i'm more on kik but i'd be open to others if you suggest! although not line as it is for personal use. newly added kkt and fb




some au's to mention!

  • superpower!au (xmen, marvel, vicious, young elites, anyone??????????)
  • apartment!au 
  • highschool or college!au
  • dystopian!au


coming soon


so hey you've gotten this far in this lame ad so maybe you're interested? if so, you can pm me 

  • your fc
  • who you'd like me to be
  • plot or not?
  • preferred platform + id

happy new year and thanks for reading this god-awful ad!


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