You’re The Answer

A few hours ago:

Jihoon and friends were exhausted after playing around for an hour. He had promised his mum that he would stay at home but his friends insisted a lot and he has not been outside playing for weeks now. They went separate ways as all of them lived in different directions but after walking for a few minutes he noticed that he was in a completely different neighborhood. The houses didn't look familiar at all. They looked way bigger and nicer than the houses in his neighborhood. He began wandering around in hopes of finding the right way, while appreciating all the big buildings. He knew that it wasn't too late but it was winter and the sun set really early so it got darker and darker as he aimlessly walked around. Also it was very cold even with his jacket and scarf. Also more and more people appeared on the streets. He felt his eyes watering.

He had always took pride in being a tough boy, not crying even when his body hurt. He quickly learned that crying never made the pain go away but only worried his mum and brother. So he always tried his best not to cry. Mum and hyung are not here so it’s okay, he thought as he slowly began crying.

His feet hurt from walking so as soon as he saw a bench he sat down. There was another guy sitting on the bench so he made sure to sit down as far away from him as possible. His brother had taught him to be careful of strangers. The stranger looked at him and continued smoking. Jihoon being the good boy he was, felt the need so say something.

“Sir you shouldn't smoke it can make you sick.” 

The man looked at him sternly and Jihoon tried his best not to look intimidated. After looking at him for a few seconds he actually threw his cigarette on the ground and stomped it out. 

“Are you lost kid?”

“I’m not allowed to talk to strangers.”

Jihoon hesitated. He shouldn't tell the stranger anything he should find a police officer first.

“What’s your name?”

“Jihoon,” the kids answered slowly.

“I’m Yoongi. Nice to meet you Jihoon-ah. Now that we’re not strangers anymore will you tell me?”

“I-I got lost,” Jihoon admitted, as he began crying again.

Yoongi wanted to comfort the kid but he didn't know how. 

“Do you want me to help you?” Yoongi asked but Jihoon was too busy crying to answer.

“Do you perhaps know you address?” The kid shook his head. 

“Do you know the name of anything near your house?” Jihoon thought about it for a while.

“My school Cheonggu Elementary School,” he finally answered.

“Can you find home if we go to your school?” Jihoon nodded this time.

“Ok kid let’s go then,” Yoongi said as he took out his phone to google the address of the school.

The two of them started walking. There were many people and cars so Yoongi made sure to keep the younger in his sight all the time. After a few minutes Yoongi heard Jihoon’s stomach growl and as passed a convenience store he bought the kid something to eat. They sat down until Jihoon finished his ramen and continued walking. Yoongi wasn't the type of person to help out others but he had a soft spot for children. He didn't like seeing them hurt or crying. 

What he noticed about Jihoon was that he was really curious (asking him countless questions), observant (he looked around all the time) and that he liked to talk. Every time he told Yoongi something he would immediately ask about Yoongi as well. For example after telling Yoongi all about his school and teachers he asked the older to do the same.

“I’m new in my school. So I don't know many teachers.”

“So you don't have any friends?”

Yoongi scoffed. He didn't plan on making any friends in that school. He was there for only one reason.


“Hyung you should make friends or school will be boring,” Jihoon said.

“Maybe you should talk to more people. If you just look at people you look really scary hyung but when you talk you’re actually cool.”

Yoongi laughed at how innocent the boy was. They continued talking as they came closer to the school.

“Hyung you don't like chocolate?” he asked after Yoongi refused his offer of sharing the chocolate they had bought in the convenience store.

“No it’s too sweet.”

“Hyung you’re really strange,” he giggled.

After arriving at the school Jihoon took the lead as he claimed he knew the right way. He grabbed Yoongi’s hand and started dragging him. 

“Hyung if you don't friends at school I can become your friend.”

“Thank you kid but hyung doesn't need friends.”

“Everyone needs a friend.” Jihoon pouted. 

Yoongi actually found it very cute but he would never admit it. 

“You can come over and we can play together hyung.”

“Sure,” Yoongi answered just to amuse the kid. There was no way they were going to see each other again so why should he refuse it would only make the kid sad.

After a few minutes of silence the kid started jumping around.

“Hyung hyung this is our street!”

“This is my hyung!” was all the kid said before letting go of his hand and running.

He hugged another person and Yoongi just wanted to make sure Jihoon was okay before leaving. As he came close he noticed that the person was Jimin. The Park Jimin who seemed to appear every out of nowhere. The brat didn't even properly thank him, obviously surprised to see Yoongi.

“Yeah whatever. Just take care of the kid,” Yoongi said before he started walking away. 

He heard Jihoon saying something like “you promised we would play together” and he continued walking with a big smile on his face.


Jimin let out a loud grown as he woke up the next morning. Sleeping on his old mattress caused him lots of back pain but a new mattress was really low on his “things to get once i have the money” list. After cleaning up in the bathroom he decided wake up his brother. Afterwards he made a sandwich for his brother and quickly got dressed for school.

His mom had two jobs so she could only be home in the afternoons, as she worked in a convenience store at nights and cleaned offices in the mornings. Therefore taking care of Jihoon became Jimin’s duty. But he loved his brother so much that he didn't mind the slightest. If his mom didn't insist on Jimin graduating, he would’ve dropped out of school a long time ago to help her. After their dad left them it was always a struggle to have enough to eat and pay Jihoon’s medical fees. So Jimin started working too. He worked in a fast food place on weekends and some days after school. 

About 20 minutes later he grabbed his brother by his hand and they started walking towards Jihoon’s school. Once they arrived Jihoon already spotted his friends and waved his brother goodbye as he ran towards them. Jimin was more than happy that his brother had friends at school and that other kids treated him good. That was something Jimin never experienced till he met Jungkook. He smiled thinking of all the ways Jungkook could make him laugh. His favorite one was his endless imitations. He could literally imitate any movie character, any teacher and any animal. Even though he was too confident of his imitation skills they often ended up being a mess, which made Jimin laugh even more. 

As he sat in the bus he reviewed his homework and some of his notes from past classes. He liked to be prepared for class and the way to school was a perfect opportunity to do so. 


Jungkook wasn't in class that day, which worried Jimin. The younger would always be there on time waiting for him by the entrance. In the few years he had known Jungkook he never arrived late to class. He cursed at himself for never saving up enough to get a phone because in situations like this he was never able to contact others. The teacher arrived and started lesson and only then did Jimin notice that the seat beside him was empty as well. 

Thinking of Yoongi he felt a little guilty. He had found and brought home his brother but Jimin didn't even thank him properly so he made a mental note to properly say thank you once he sees Yoongi.  After about 20 minutes Yoongi and Jungkook walked into the class room. After getting a warning from the teacher they walked to their seats. Yoongi looking as bored as always, Jungkook smiling at Jimin as if nothing was wrong while the latter looked at him questioningly. As usual Yoongi just put his head on the desk and closed his eyes. Jimin just scoffed, why would anyone come to school just to sleep? A few hours passed by and it was time for lunch and Jungkook approached Jimin and they walked out of the class room together.

“So what’s up?” Jimin asked.


“Why were you late?” Jimin felt like a nagging girlfriend but he couldn't help but worry about his best friend.

“Oh I had something to deal with.” Jungkook looked around. There was a thing both of them noticed but failed to avoid doing. When lying they never looked each other in the eyes.


“Yeah don't worry hyung it was nothing.”

“With Min Yoongi?”

“What no,” Jungkook smiled sweetly, “I met him in front of the school we were both late.”

Jimin didn’t know whether to believe him or not. But Jungkook didn't have a reason to lie to him, right?

They started eating and talked about a new movie they planed on watching at Jungkook’s as Jimin started thinking about Yoongi suddenly. Jimin looked around trying to find the new student but he was nowhere to be seen. Why didn’t he eat lunch? Wasn't he hungry?

He still had to thank him for earlier but he didn't know how to do it. He was still kind of afraid of him and everything was really awkward and weird between them. He was low-key still terrified, but a person helping a child couldn't be a monster right?

“Hyung you ok?” Jungkook’s voice brought Jimin back to reality.

“Yeah I’m good. What did you say again?”

And they continued their conversation about the movie. 

They were about to walk back to the class room as Jimin asked Jungkook to go ahead without him.

“I have something to do, I’ll follow you in a minute.”

Jungkook was surprised but didn't ask any questions. Jimin approached the vending machine and got a strawberry milk and a energy bar after counting his money carefully. 

He went back to the class room and saw that Yoongi was still exactly in the same position as earlier. Shortly after that the teacher entered and started class.

Jimin quietly placed the things he got after lunch on Yoongi’s table and looked around if anyone saw him but everyone was busy with other things so no one payed him any attention. 

After about an hour Yoongi woke up looking all flushed for a few seconds, which Jimin kind of found cute (but he would never admit it). He looked at his desk, at Jimin and at his desk again.

“What’s that?”

“Hm?” Jimin acted all confused. He somehow didn't want the other to know that he got him these.

“You didn't see who put these there?” Yoongi asked as he gestured towards the snack and milk.

“No idea.”


Yoongi stared at the black board and Jimin was nervous about whether or not he would eat them.

Not that he cared about whether he ate lunch, he just did this to thank him for last night. After a few minutes Yoongi silently grabbed the energy bar and started eating it. As he drank his strawberry milk Jimin tried his best not to smile. He liked being kind to other people. Even though it is a psycho like Min Yoongi.

After class ended every one packed up and it took all of Jimin’s courage to say something.

“T-thank you for…you know y-yesterday.” 

Seeing that the other didn't bother answering, Jimin was ready to leave and as he got up from his seat heft his wrist being grabbed by Yoongi.

“I don’t like strawberry milk, next time just get me a chocolate one,” was all he said before leaving the class room, leaving a blushing Jimin behind.

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