You’re The Answer

Being raised in numerous foster families, sleeping on benches in freezing cold weather, eventually becoming part of a gang. Yoongi made sure that he never complained, never showed any sign of weakness. He knew that if he ever did, he would go down immediately. On the streets there were no second chances. The gang he was a part of took him in one day and he worked his off to become one of the best. At first it was all new to him, all the drug smuggling and human trafficking, but eventually he had realized that if he wanted to survive he had to forget about his conscience.

Their leader Seunghyun saw his potential and only after a few months of being an irrelevant delivery boy he slowly began giving him bigger orders. Yoongi never disappointed, he never missed. He was fearless and merciless.

He would never question an order until he was told to go back to high school. 

“Hyung-nim I don’t underst-”

“Did I tell you the order or not?”

“You did but-”

“But what?”

There weren't many things left in this world that scared Yoongi. But Seunghyun was one of them. He had seen the man torture people, he ing buried people alive. 

“I think- There must be another way hyung-nim.”

“Min Yoongi you either get out of my sight and go to this ing school tomorrow or-”

“I will!” Yoongi responded quickly. Even though his life , he wanted to continue living. He knew- he hoped that one day he would find something worth living for. Until that day he would make sure to not die.


“Hyung I don’t think this will do. I just at math.”

“Jeon Jungkook! You can’t study for ten minutes without getting distracted.” 

They have been  “studying” for almost two hours now and Jimin was slowly losing his patience. He hated negative thoughts but there was no way that Jungkook would be able to pass the quiz.

“Well not everyone can be a genius.”

“Yeah a genius that got held behind,” Jimin muttered.

“Hyung you couldn't do anything about that.” 

Instead of responding Jimin just looked away, deep in thought. Seeing that broke the younger’s heart but Jimin would always prefer being left alone in these kind of situations. He hated talking about his life and feelings so Jungkook quickly changed the subject, hoping to lighten up the mood.

“Hyung do you want to eat now?”

“Hm? What time is it?” Jimin looked at the clock . “Oh it’s 7 already I have to go home now.”

“Can’t you stay…just for today? I mean to eat?” Jungkook laughed nervously.

“You know I can’t,” said Jimin already gathering up his stuff.

“Should I drop you off?”

“Jeon Jungkook you’re not even allowed to drive,” Jimin laughed fondly. He knew that Jungkook was rich and that he actually drove his car to school almost everyday but he refused to encourage under aged driving.

“So you’ll take the bus? It’s already dark tho,” Jungkook as they walked to the door.

“Don’t worry kid hyung will be fine,” Jimin said while ruffling the younger’s hair.

With a hug he left behind a worried and blushing Jungkook.


Jimin was used to taking the bus. That was what he did all his life. He was used to loud teenagers, even louder old women and creepy middle aged men. He would put on his earphones and listen to music on his old mp3 player. He was happy that the bus was almost empty.

Jungkook’s house was in a fancy neighborhood while his was the exact opposite so the bus drive took about half an hour. He got off the bus and started walking quickly. It was winter and Jimin was pretty sure it would start snowing in the next few days. His jacket didn't really keep him warm and he was thinking about buying gloves with his next allowance when he heard foot steps behind him. The area he lived in was pretty dangerous as his family couldn't really afford anything else so he was used to drunk people walking around looking for people to mess with. He started walking faster. He was already pretty late and he didn't want to keep his mum waiting. He entered a dark alley as he heard a familiar voice calling him.

“Yah Park Jimin!” 

No, not him again. I don't have time for this, Jimin thought.

“Jimin-ah you didn't hear me?” 

The footsteps came closer and Jimin realized that running off would be pointless so he turned around.

“I did.” 

“And you won’t respond?” 


“Ouch sweety you know how to break a man’s heart,” the man said smiling as he came closer.

“I don’t have time for a chat. I’m late.” 

“Come on Jimin-ah.” Jimin wanted to shove him away but his wrist was caught easily in the other man’s hand.

“I said-” 

“Kwon Hyunbin!” Jimin got interrupted by a loud and angry voice. They turned around simultaneously and saw a man getting closer. He was pretty skinny and only a few inches taller than Jimin. It was pretty dark and the man was wearing a hoody so he couldn't properly see his face. 

“Are you Kwon Hyunbin?” 

“Who’s asking?” Hyunbin asked smirking smugly.


“Oh .” Jimin hear Hyunbin hiss before he was punched in the face, falling to the ground.

“You think you can just lay low and we wouldn't notice huh?” 

“No I-” Hyunbin tried to stand up but was immediately punched again. Jimin wasn't sure what was happening and didn't know what to do.

“You little .” The man continued punching him like crazy and Jimin started getting intimidated. He couldn't care less about Hyunbin but the man was out of control and if Jimin didn't do anything he could possibly kill him. He looked around trying to see if there was anyone who could help but the alley was completely empty. He didn't have a phone so he couldn't call anyone either. As the man grabbed his collar and was about to punch him again, gathering up all his courage Jimin shouted “Enough!”

He was shaking in fear as the man looked at him with a deadly gaze. 

“What?” the man asked as he laughed mockingly.

“I said enough,” Jimin whispered not having enough courage to speak up.

The man dropped Hyunbin on the ground and stood up. As he came closer Jimin could finally see his face. Once he was close enough that Jimin could feel his breath he said: “And who are you?”

Jimin couldn't remember the last time he was so scared. He was shaking and couldn't speak up.

Suddenly he heard a police siren and three guys came running.

“Hyung we have to go!”

The man looked at Jimin again. 

“Tell your boyfriend to take care. If I catch him a second time he’s done,” was all he said before he walked off. 

It took Jimin a few seconds before he could breathe again. He could tell that Hyunbin was unconscious already. He grabbed his phone from his pocket and quickly went through his contacts. Once he recognized the name of one of the guys Hyunbin would always hang out with he called him to inform him. He made sure to use the tissues and water in his bag to clean up the blood on his face but he couldn't even look at him. His eyes were black, lip busted.  He knew that Hyunbin was involved with shady people and would probably prefer the police not finding out about this.

After he made sure that Hyunbin was picked up by his friend he hurried home. He saw that his mum was already off to work while his younger brother was already in his bed. He felt guilty for breaking his promise of making sure that Jihyun would never fall asleep alone.


The next day:

As Jimin was approaching the school gate he saw a fancy car stop in front of the school. He could already tell that this was Jungkook, as nobody else in this school had enough money to afford a car like that. He knew the younger guy for two years now but every time he asked him about why he would go to a school like that instead of a private one, he would just shrug it off. He saw Jungkook getting out and all the girls would immediately start drooling over him. He was pretty much the most popular person in the school and no one could explain why he would hang out with a loser like Jimin. 

“Hyung!” Jungkook approached him with a huge smile.

“You’re not driving today?”

“No I know that you hate it.” 

Jimin chuckled.

“Jeon Jungkook! Now you're suddenly listening to your hyung?” 

They continued teasing each other as they walked to class. Jimin didn't mind everyone’s stares anymore. At first it was hard dealing with nasty looks but Jimin could understand them. Why would a guy like Jungkook be friends with Jimin? Honestly Jimin didn't know it either.

Once they entered, the class became quiet. Even though he acted all cute and cheesy with Jimin, Jungkook was a whole different person with others. No one really dared to talk to him. At first girls would occasionally confess to him with gifts but he would always turn them down. Jimin sat down on his seat and Jungkook was seated a few rows in front of him diagonally (their teacher insisted on separating them claiming Jungkook never paid attention in class). 

“Did you get home safely yesterday?”

“Hm? Yeah,”Jimin said hesitantly. He hated worrying other people. Especially Jungkook, one of his few friends. 

“Why do I feel like you’re hiding something?”

“You brat should stop worrying about me and start worrying about your grades,” Jimin .

As they continued talking about random things their teacher entered. With the lead of the class president they greeted the teacher and bowed. The teacher started talking about upcoming tests and quizzes but no one really payed attention, half of the class was already sleeping.

Jungkook continued talking about a new game he bought and how he was already on level 24 but Jimin, who had studied all night, was too tired to listen so all he did was closing his eyes and occasionally humming a quiet response.

“There’s a new student. I trust you to treat him nicely and take care of him kids,” he heard the teacher say before the door opened and a guy walked in with their math teacher.

“There he is. Can you introduce yourself please?” Jimin heard people whisper about how handsome and cool he looked.

“My name is Min Yoongi.” 

Only then Jimin looked up. He recognized that voice. There he was, the man from yesterday.

He could feel his stomach drop. He was the last person he expected or wanted to see again. 

“Okay Yoongi-ah you can sit down next to Jimin,” the teacher said gesturing to Jimin.

Only then the man looked at Jimin and as they made eye contact his expression changed from bored to something else. Jimin couldn't put his finger on it but it wasn't a good one.

The man sat down beside him and said:

“Let’s get along well, neighbor.”

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