Living with Idols!


KBS has created a new variety show wherein they send a solo idol to live with an idol group to see how differently they live their lives. They all have to spend time with each other anytime they do not have any scheduled plans. The producers will pay close attention to their activities in order to orchestrate the show’s own. It’ll be called “Living with Idols”. It is a lot like the show, “Roommate” but the producers wanted to focus on just one individual and one group, kind of like a collaboration. JYP nim was thrilled to know that Got7 would be involved. It had to go through a lot of fool proofing and approvals but it was launched successfully with its first pilot episode with solo singer Park Sueun, solo singer to live with Kpop group Got7!



-Im Jaebum

-Mark Tuan

-Park Jinyoung

-Wang Jackson

-Choi Youngjae


-Kim Yugyeom


Park Sueun


-Thoughtful and sweet

-Has a lot of hidden talents




"Mwoya?! I’m going to live with Got7 for a show?!” Sueun’s eyes were bulging out. She had just finished a performance at Inkigayo and was currently talking to her manager, Geum Hwayoung.

“It’s already been approved by everyone, Sueun. It’s only for a few weeks.” Hwayoung winked and shrugged.
Sueun was still a little dumbfounded so she just let hang open for a few more seconds.

“Eonni, how... Uhh, why... Err, I’m sorry but I don’t think I can.” Sueun sat herself down to calm herself a little bit. “I can’t live with 7 men! I mean I don’t want to sound like a diva or something, but I really don’t see myself doing this properly.”

“Omoo, Sueun-ie. I’m sure you can do it. I’ll be there with you the whole time too!” Hwayoung sat beside Sueun and tried to console her. “If it doesn’t pan out for the first few episodes, I’ll pull you out immediately. I’ve got the contract right here. Since it’s a pilot show, the participants are handled more freely.”

Sueun’s mind was in a wild slur. One thing you may need to know about Park Sueun is that she is a hard core Army. Ever since Bangtan Sonyeondan debuted, she’d immersed herself in the fandom. Her phone is full of BTS photos, videos, music, and a few of her own fancams from when she went to some of their concerts. She’d managed to learn the steps to some of their songs; which actually came in handy whenever the hosts wanted to see if she can dance too. 

“I bet this would be easier if it were with BTS.” she thought to herself. “Not that I don’t like Got7. I actually really like their Chinese member, Wang Jackson because he seemed well mannered on some of the shows I’ve seen.”

Sueun sighed.

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Chapter 5: this is really good
Chapter 1: I think by this time, the boys have moved to a bigger dorm. They all have their own rooms except for the maknae line. And Youngjae isn’t living with them anymore. ?