Love you again (Wonhyuk / Monsta X) FICTION


So, this is not so great as a plot but anyway, It was in my head for a long time and I want maybe to write a sequel because at first I wanted to write more but I thought It was too long so I decided to cut a part. And reading that, I think it would better to have a sequel for the characters or for us lol

Even though, i'm not satisfied, hope you enjoy reading and comenting on my story would be really nice ! :)

Oh and I'm really sorry for any mistakes ! English is not my first language ^^"

I really love Wonhyuk and I'm sad that there is not many fictions about them :(

So maybe, I will posting some more fics or especially one-shot about them but don't worry, I kind of like every couple in K-pop but it's right that I have my prefrences ^^


Why is it difficult to have a conversation with your half ?

They have been known for eight years but since almost one year ago, a strange atmosphere comes suddenly along.

Is their love begin to fade away little by little ?

Hello ! Finally I posted the second chapter and surprisingly I have decided to write one or two more chapters and ended this sweet fiction ~
Hope you still enjoying reading it and sorry in advance for any mistakes and i'm also sorry for the wait. ^^"

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zooz99 #1
Chapter 2: Cant handle their cuteness♡♡
Thx for the chapter!
zooz99 #2
Chapter 1: I looove it ♡♡
I've always wanted a fic like this, where wonhyhk are parents
Thank you, Waiting for the next chapter...